Developer Media’s mission is to bridge the gap between advertisers, brand marketers, and the engineering community by guiding advertising creative in ways that will most appeal to engineers, by celebrating engineering and the contribution engineers make to the world and by making the whole process fun and engaging.

We do this by creating the finest group of creative and technical minds and tasking them with building excellence in technical marketing, excellence in creative, excellence in technology, and excellence in the ad experience.


Software developers and engineers in general consider themselves immune to advertising. We know from long standing experience that this is not true, but still there is a tremendous hesitation on the part of the engineers to embrace traditional advertising and marketing approaches.

Engineers by nature and training look for flaws. They look for flaws in design, in execution, in statements of fact and they look for flaws in marketing and advertising messaging. They are highly critical and relentless and in the case of advertising are already heavily biased to find the flaws in material they generally consider is trying to mislead them, on purpose; to trick them.

Developers are different. They look at the world differently. They have learned to be highly skeptical but despite what they may verbally claim, they are not immune to advertising. The difference creates opportunities and pitfalls for advertisers in that the right creative will be well received, and usually, traditional consumer oriented “feel good” creative will not be well received.