Dev Tidbits #002: 1 in 4 developers think they’re “The Best”

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There are plenty of stereotypes about software engineers and developers that cast them as a quiet, introverted, geeky, and pedantic bunch. But based on my own experiences working with many in the industry I’d say that these are largely hackneyed and outdated notions to keep. That said, there is one stereotype that seems to hold […]

Dev Demographics: Who is the Developer Media audience?

Who is the Developer Media audience?

  To construct an effective marketing strategy it’s critical that you understand who your audience is. To execute an effective marketing strategy it’s essential that you know where to find that audience. Here at Developer Media we focus solely on the software development space and helping you connect with the developers you need to reach. […]

Dev Tidbits #001: How much caffeine do developers consume?

How much caffeine do developers consume?

This is the first post in our new “Dev Tidbits” series, which looks at interesting, quirky and fun facts about developers in their professional and personal lives. Between writing code and scripts, testing, fixing bugs, keeping projects on schedule, late-night deployments, learning new languages and frameworks, fixing more bugs, refactoring and waiting for the compiler […]

Upsurge of Developers Working in the Internet of Things in 2015

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The term “Internet of Things” (IoT) was first coined in 1999 and the various technologies and computing concepts that make it up — machine-to-machine communications/M2M, embedded devices, smart/intelligent systems, etc. — have existed in some form or another for even longer, but it wasn’t until more recently that IoT really started to gain mainstream momentum […]

Email Open Rates: Misleading Metrics & Best Practices

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While email open rates aren’t a viable way to measure marketing effectiveness, we recommend some proven ways to get more from your email marketing. It’s time for us as Marketing Professionals to stop using email open rates as a viable way to measure marketing effectiveness. It’s 2014, and they’re just not helping us get where we […]

Developer Media Gives Back to Small Companies through KickStart


Launches program to help startups and small companies effectively reach developers TORONTO, March 10, 2013 — Reaching developers is crucial for small technology companies, as developers play an ever-increasing role in the technology decision-making process. To help small companies succeed in the developer market, Developer Media has announced a new program, called KickStart, aimed to […]

2014: More Growth in Cloud & Big Data Development

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Cloud and Big Data development promise the most growth according to our recent Developer Media Tech Trends study. Here’s what you need to know as a marketer about this trend.     In our recent Tech Trends survey, we asked developers worldwide what types of development projects they’re working on. I’ll talk in a separate post about […]

“Citizen Developers” Worthy of Note, but not a Primary Focus


The so-called “citizen developer” is an interesting demographic, but, for marketers, only an interesting distraction from the continued rise of the professional developer.     RT @JohanDenHaan: Gartner: "Companies need to avoid fighting citizen developers and start embracing them." — Jeff Hadfield (@jhadfield) February 19, 2014 In the mid-to-late nineties, I worked for WordPerfect […]

Web and Mobile Development: Still Hot, Still a Marketing Opportunity

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While we as marketers often perceive the Web and mobile markets as somewhat mature, our recent Developer Media Tech Trends study shows that there is still a lot of market opportunity and interest. Here’s why. As technology marketers, and as people who spend our time immersed in the development market, we spend a lot of time on […]