Case Studies

Red Gate was founded in 1999 with the goal of providing developers and the community with tools that would help them in their professional roles.

Red Gate produces ingeniously simple tools for Microsoft technology professionals worldwide, and currently specializes in MS SQL Server, Cloud, .NET and Oracle database tools.

Red Gate is dedicated to making dealing with the company as simple as possible, and as such, its pricing is transparent and all software is available for a free trial before purchase.

Reached Millions of Developers

Targeted Specific .NET Websites

Increased Product Awareness

Increased Product Downloads

“We’ve found Developer Media to be brilliant to work with,” said Joe Gilson, Marketing, Digital Media Coordinator, Red Gate. “We’ve built a great relationship which aims to get the best for ourselves, Developer Media and the developers themselves. We can have open discussions about what’s worked and what has not. They’re genuinely great people to work with.”

joe_gilson– Joe Gilson, Marketing, Digital Media Coordinator, Red Gate


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