Intel App Innovation Contest Challenges Developers to Get Creative to Win Over $100,000 in Cash Prizes

Global competition pits developers against each other in the ultimate Windows 8 App challenge TORONTO, Canada — CodeProject has announced its newest contest, the Intel App Innovation Contest (AIC) 2013, with over $100,000 in cash prizes.  The global competition, which ends on November 20, is sponsored by Intel and co-sponsored by Lenovo.  Application developers submit […]

Developer Personalities: Audience Brief


Software developers are a unique, demanding demographic. Developer Media’s latest research analysis helps marketers better understand them in order to better market to and communicate with them. Developers don’t think like the average person. In fact, developers are somewhat of a breed apart. They’re likely to identify themselves as craftsmen and artisans, in an engineering, […]

Developers Think Differently: Research Brief Explores Software Developer Personalities

Developer Media’s latest research on developer personalities helps marketers understand software developers — and better communicate with them August 9, 2013 — Toronto, Canada — A typical software developers’ personality is significantly different from the average person’s, according to a new survey conducted by Developer Media.  Based on the results, almost 30 per cent of […]

Developers Love Competition


Developers love competition. Why? Based on my experience, they enjoy showing off their skills and they enjoy the intellectual challenge. And, of course, some of them just plain love to compete. But it’s not just my opinion. We recently completed a Developer Media study about personality types. I’ll share the results with you later, but the […]

Why PCs aren’t dead, dying or even terminally ill


By many reports, the PC industry is dying. I maintain that it is not; it’s just evolving. As a technology marketer, it’s important to understand this evolution, and that the future embraces multiple devices, from phone and tablet to PC. Developers now serve multiple devices. (This is the original IBM 5150. In my part-time job […]

Don’t Over-Slice the Developer Market


At Microsoft’s Build 2013, I had many conversations with folks plugged in to the developer market. There were a handful of themes I heard repeated, and I’ll share the first with you today. Microsoft’s Dmitry Lyalin, told me, “The role of the developer is expanding. We are expected to be not just be the web […]

CodeProject Announces Windows Azure Developer Challenge $2,500 Grand Prize Winner

The 10-week developer challenge saw 21 winners claim over $16,000 in prizes TORONTO — CodeProject, one of the world’s largest online communities of software developers, is pleased to announce Phil Lee as the grand prize winner of CodeProject’s recent Windows Azure Developer Challenge. Over $16,000 in prizes was awarded to 21 individuals throughout the 10-week […]

Startups: Overlooking The Intangibles

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A recent article (blog post) in Harvard Business Review raised the important point that startups need to think about more than unique and innovative products. Instead, startups need to think about providing innovative business structures as well. It’s interesting to think about how startups talk about “disruption,” but only around their products. Instead, as Jessica […]

The leading Developer-Focused Advertising Network gets a fresh look

World’s leading developer-focused advertising group unveils new online experience TORONTO – Developer Media has unveiled its new and improved website as part of its corporate rebranding. Formerly Lake Quincy Media, the company was renamed Developer Media in December 2012 to better articulate its business mission. Developer Media helps companies effectively reach software developers to drive […]