The leading Developer-Focused Advertising Network gets a fresh look

World’s leading developer-focused advertising group unveils new online experience

TORONTO – Developer Media has unveiled its new and improved website as part of its corporate rebranding. Formerly Lake Quincy Media, the company was renamed Developer Media in December 2012 to better articulate its business mission. Developer Media helps companies effectively reach software developers to drive awareness and adoption of technology.

To better serve clients, Developer Media has redesigned its website to provide a go-to resource for current and future customers. The new site offers a sleeker online experience, with a fresh look and feel that showcases Developer Media’s services. The site’s new features include a showcase of innovative advertising solutions, a private publisher portal and the Tech Marketing Insights Blog, written by Jeff Hadfield, Developer Media CXO and a long-time industry expert. Recent and ongoing research will be available for clients to reference, as well as highlights of the latest trends in the developer sphere.

“Developer Media is and will continue to be the market leader in developer-focused advertising,” said Eric Andrae, CEO of Developer Media. “Our mission is to help companies grow and prosper by fostering awareness and adoption in the developer community. With this new website, we aim to provide clients with a window into the developer world.”

“Companies who effectively engage with software developers will seize the competitive edge,” said Hadfield. “Our world increasingly runs on software, and because of this, every company will soon be a software company, if they aren’t already. We help companies learn how to talk with developers to become part of the software-driven future.”

Clients seek Developer Media’s expertise as the leading advertising network that is focused only on marketing to developers. Currently, Developer Media has over 23 million professional developers visiting its network every month to discuss, read about and seek advice on technology.

The site has officially launched today and can be found at

About Developer Media:
Founded in 1998, Developer Media is the world’s largest developer-focused advertising network with over 23 million unique professional developers visiting its sites each month. Developer Media represents over 400 influential websites, online communities, blogs and publishers serving the software and app development market. It delivers innovative ad solutions to help tech marketers reach developers directly. From ad campaigns to custom multi-channel marketing and thought leadership programs spanning paid, owned and earned media, Developer Media’s reach, expertise and service help technology vendors and advertisers find their next customer. Developer Media sites provide the latest how-to information, trends and news covering such technology giants as Intel, Microsoft, Google, and Apple. More at:

For more information, please contact:
Carrie Davis-Sydor
Director of Marketing and Business Development
416-849-8900 ext. 501

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