Our Story

Developer Media was founded by Chris Maunder and David Cunningham—two people who are passionate about software development but come together from opposite directions.

David is a dyed-in-the-wool software entrepreneur. He started offering software development and consulting services while in high school and wrote simulation software for NORAD, commercial real estate/mall management software, and manufacturing inventory control systems. He has founded four companies, and has successfully sold two. He has won business awards from Canadian Business, Profit Magazine, Software Development Times, and Deloitte and Touché.

Chris is a no-holds-barred computer scientist and bona fide software industry celebrity. After completing a degree in Mathematics at the Australian National University and pursuing a PhD at the University of Melbourne, Australia, then working as a Defense Intelligence Researcher Chris worked as an independent contractor writing software in C++ and, during his spare time, developed a strong reputation in the early days of the internet as a leader in Open Source software and collaboration.

Together, Chris and David started one of the most popular software development websites in the world, CodeProject.com, which has grown to include 12.5 million software developers as members.

With a long history of marketing products and services to developers, and with an ever-growing audience of developers viewing Developer Media websites, Chris and David were able to pick the best and brightest developer marketing professionals to join their team.

First to join was Jeff Hadfield, a 20-year developer industry veteran who was formerly the editor and publisher of leading industry magazines Visual Studio Magazine, Visual Basic Programmers Journal, Visual C++ Developer’s Journal, Java Pro Magazine, and Enterprise Architect Magazine. Jeff was also instrumental in the production of the incredibly successful VBITS and VSLive conferences, and the accompanying web properties for the magazines.

Next to join Developer Media’s marketing “dream team” was Eric Andrae. Eric was previously a Group Manager in Microsoft’s Developer Marketing group and one of the members of the launch team for Microsoft’s .NET platform. His extensive experience with the developer ecosystems includes management of technical partner relationships at Microsoft as well as time at a major software development tool and component ISV.

Lisa Sidlow, who leads the sales team, is a multi-award winning 20-year veteran of the industry. Lisa has worked in both the magazine and online publisher space and has been instrumental in the success of multiple developer Websites and publications. Lisa brings to the team an unparalleled breadth of knowledge, experience and passion for helping vendors successfully market to developers.

In response to overwhelming demand for its advertising properties and products Developer Media dramatically expanded to include more than 9,232 websites, projects and blogs through a series of acquisitions and through the organic development of its advertising partnerships.

The Developer Media team is unmatched in their depth, experience and decades-long history of helping companies large and small reach and leverage software developers.

Today, Developer Media works closely with major companies to help them define, refine, and deliver their messages to the global software development community. Some clients include: Adobe, Amazon, Intel, Samsung, Motorola, Dell, Microsoft, Visa, and PayPal.

Developer Media is the manifestation of both founders’ passions;
passion for helping build great software, and passion for helping build great companies.