Enterprise Development Changes Represent Opportunity

Developers, now more than ever, build applications from components. In the preceding decade and around the turn of the century this meant components for popular languages and tools like Visual Basic and Visual Studio. Today, those components consist of some of these traditional components, especially in the “presentation,” UI/UX layer, but even more so those components involve services. In most cases, those services are accessed through an API. Space does not permit a deep dive on APIs here, but they already dominate and will continue to do so in the future. Consumer apps rely on a tapestry of interwoven [...]

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Enterprise Developers: Unsung Innovators

Enterprise developers are the unsung innovators of the software economy. (Click here to tweet.) Some client meetings and presentations this week brought this to the forefront of my mind. It's so easy for all of us to visualize developers as young lads in a hackathon-style environment, "mashing up" and building the next Valley press darling. But most developers don't fit that description, and -- here's the important point -- this stereotype represents only a relative handful of developers. Most developers work for established companies. While every business is a software business in today's world, the companies most developers work [...]

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Why Developers Seek Shiny Objects

Photo taken at the recent Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, where developers came not only for technical education but also to check out shiny objects. I've been working with clients the last few weeks, and one of the key themes has been innovation, and how software drives innovation. Developers build software -- and they're the key drivers of innovation. While that Euclidean chain of logic makes sense, it's particularly interesting when we pair this insight with the recent personality research we've done. As I've posted previously, developers personality types help provide insights into what they do and why [...]

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