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Cloud Developer Trends (2015 Update)

Just a few short years ago the “The Cloud” was one of the biggest emerging trends (and buzzwords) in the tech sector. The buzz and hoopla has since worn off and given way to new shiny objects like the Internet of Things or the latest mobile development platforms. That doesn’t mean developers have forgotten about cloud computing; it’s just more ubiquitous now. As part of our ongoing pursuit to garner greater insights into how the developers within our own audience are interacting with different technologies and trends, we recently surveyed over 400 CodeProject members on a range of topics [...]

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Mobile Development Trends (2015 Update)

There are now more than a combined 3 million apps available for download across Google Play and the Apple App Store, the world’s two leading mobile app marketplaces. Add in all of the many thousands of business-focused (B2B) mobile applications sold direct or through alternative channels, as well as the countless proprietary applications developed for in-house use (B2E), and it’s clear that mobile tech continues to be an important focus for many software developers in 2015. To garner greater insight into how developers within our own audience are interacting with and affected by this ever-growing mobile landscape, we recently [...]

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Dev Tidbits #002: 1 in 4 developers think they’re “The Best”

There are plenty of stereotypes about software engineers and developers that cast them as a quiet, introverted, geeky, and pedantic bunch. But based on my own experiences working with many in the industry I’d say that these are largely hackneyed and outdated notions to keep. That said, there is one stereotype that seems to hold true: some devs have BIG egos. In fact, according to the results of an informal poll that we conducted with over 1,600 CodeProject.com members, 1 in 4 developers think they are the best member of their team. Even if an individual developer doesn’t think [...]

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Dev Demographics: Who is the Developer Media audience?

To construct an effective marketing strategy it’s critical that you understand who your audience is. To execute an effective marketing strategy it’s essential that you know where to find that audience. Here at Developer Media we focus solely on the software development space and helping you connect with the developers you need to reach. We represent thousands of the most influential websites, online communities, blogs and projects serving the software and app development market. But just who exactly are the millions of professional developers that visit our network each month? We recently conducted a survey of over 450 CodeProject [...]

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Dev Tidbits #001: How much caffeine do developers consume?

This is the first post in our new "Dev Tidbits" series, which looks at interesting, quirky and fun facts about developers in their professional and personal lives. Between writing code and scripts, testing, fixing bugs, keeping projects on schedule, late-night deployments, learning new languages and frameworks, fixing more bugs, refactoring and waiting for the compiler (or any of the other tasks that chew up a programmer's day) there are a lot of demands on a software developer’s time. How do devs stay alert and on task throughout a long day (or night) of coding? The answer is pretty simple: [...]

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Upsurge of Developers Working in the Internet of Things in 2015

The term "Internet of Things" (IoT) was first coined in 1999 and the various technologies and computing concepts that make it up -- machine-to-machine communications/M2M, embedded devices, smart/intelligent systems, etc. -- have existed in some form or another for even longer, but it wasn’t until more recently that IoT really started to gain mainstream momentum (just look at the Google Trends report below). 2014 marked a watershed year for the now firmly established technology megatrend and perhaps nowhere is that more apparent than in the world (and business) of software development. Last year saw the inaugural Internet of Things [...]

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Developer Media pilots Adblock Plus acceptable ads program on CodePlex

We at Developer Media believe that internet Ads should not be intrusive or draw unnecessary attention to themselves. Our audience should be able to access the content we provide without being mislead by advertisers or tricked into clicking on Ads.The Ads displayed on our sites will be relevant to the displayed content and will be clearly marked as Ads. Any offensive or inappropriate Ads will not be allowed to run on our adverting network. We support the Adblock Plus initiative for acceptable internet Ads http://acceptableads.org .Please report any concerns about the ads on codeplex.com to Adblock Plus forum.

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Email Open Rates: Misleading Metrics & Best Practices

While email open rates aren't a viable way to measure marketing effectiveness, we recommend some proven ways to get more from your email marketing. It’s time for us as Marketing Professionals to stop using email open rates as a viable way to measure marketing effectiveness. It’s 2014, and they’re just not helping us get where we want to go as marketers, and, at best, they’re an untrustworthy and misleading metric. Aside from being difficult to read and unreliable, they direct our attention away from metrics that really matter, like clicks and adoption. (If you’re unfamiliar with the term, open rates [...]

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Developer Media Gives Back to Small Companies through KickStart

Launches program to help startups and small companies effectively reach developers TORONTO, March 10, 2013 — Reaching developers is crucial for small technology companies, as developers play an ever-increasing role in the technology decision-making process. To help small companies succeed in the developer market, Developer Media has announced a new program, called KickStart, aimed to do just that. KickStart will provide a comprehensive marketing program to qualified tech startups and small companies, including many exclusive benefits, at an unmatched price level. Membership is available at two levels, Gold and Silver, and represents an unsurpassed value for growing businesses. David Cunningham, [...]

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2014: More Growth in Cloud & Big Data Development

Cloud and Big Data development promise the most growth according to our recent Developer Media Tech Trends study. Here's what you need to know as a marketer about this trend.In our recent Tech Trends survey, we asked developers worldwide what types of development projects they're working on. I'll talk in a separate post about what types of projects (still) dominate. Two types of development showed the most growth, however, and they're similar: Cloud and Big Data. Both show at least 30% growth in use/intent since 2013. Neither are surprising, but there are insights around both that can benefit those who produce [...]

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