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Yolanda is a scientist, writer, marketer, community leader and avid runner who lives and works in Livermore, CA. Yolanda started out in the field of lab-on-a-chip at Sandia National Labs. After having to transfer technology to industry, she moved to industry to build an international marketing team of scientists to exert technical influence in the field of food safety for Thermo Fisher Scientific. She took that expertise to LabSmith to run marketing and sales. At a small company, she discovered the significance of digital tools to amplify word-of-mouth, and is now a passionate advocate of a holistic digital marketing approach tailored to technical products and markets as co-founder of FounderTraction.

Don’t Just Say It, Show It

Actions Speak Louder Than Words Demonstrations of any product, from vacuum cleaners to tools for AI developers, are always more powerful. However, with a technical and skeptical audience like developers, campaigns designed to show (and not just say) are essential. Advertising developer tools with any success means that ad campaigns will point developers to opportunities to try a tool. You Don’t Have to Give It All Away Maybe in the end, your ad’s performance will be measured in downloads. But you might get more if you offer developers a way to try a tool before a download. Documentation that [...]

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Promoting Virtual Conferences to Developers

Virtual Is The New Face-to-Face Whether your event is happening soon or next year, COVID-19 has opened our eyes to the value of delivering a high-quality virtual conference experience. For those brands needing to reach developers, virtual events can be a great way to help developers stay informed and connected. In fact, hosting or promoting a virtual event can be one of the most helpful and useful actions a brand can take. Like any event, success depends on a strong promotion strategy. Here are the basics for promoting virtual conferences to developers. Build Awareness The good news: Developers are [...]

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Offer Value, Not Vapor

Ads With Value Ok, besides entertainment value, can brands offer valuable developer advertising? Absolutely. When you use a developer experience (DX) mindset to inspire your advertising campaigns, you pay attention to the experience across your entire campaign. The DX mindset means that your campaign inspiration is to provide value. And for developers, value translates to “useful.” Put the “Use” in “Useful” Really, this is at the center of any developer-focused campaign. Developers appreciate information they can use to become better programmers. They are naturally curious lifelong learners and problem solvers. Ad campaigns that alert developers to specific information, tools, [...]

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Developers Consider the Source

Context Builds Trust Successful developer advertising placement strategies prioritize placing ads in sources trusted by developers. Developers gravitate to developer-to-developer (D2D) communities, including developer influencer blogs, technology or programming communities, and coding platforms that offer peer-to-peer connections based on technical content, knowledge sharing, and skill building. Because D2D communities offer information and discussions that developers value, they trust the content in these communities. Trust, credibility, and authenticity transfer to your brand when you advertise in D2D communities. Trusted Developer Sources There are many sources developers trust, but not all offer the opportunity for brands to advertise. Code repositories like [...]

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Developer Advertising Practices: Trust-Busting or Trust-Building?

Why You Need Trust First We learned a lot about how developers behave from Evans Data Corporation’s Developer Marketing 2017 and 2018 surveys. Surprisingly, the surveys found developers preferred to hear from a brand they didn’t recognize through email or snail mail. However, from our developer interviews, we learned how they think and feel about brands, advertising, and marketing. One important thing we learned from developers like Sacha Barber, Mahsa Hassankashi, and Sonko is how brand awareness, recognition, and trust influence their willingness to click on links in advertising, even in a trusted developer-to-developer (D2D) community website or newsletter. [...]

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Developer Experience Advertising Do’s

Developer Experience Begins With Advertising If your goal is to use advertising to attract developers to your brand’s product, tool, feature, or developer community, then the developer experience begins with your ad.  It’s easy to focus on how that can go wrong, but what about best practices? Learn more about the best practices that promote a positive developer experience with your ad campaigns. Offer Value Developers are like many other professionals –– they are squeezed for time. Advertising that speaks directly to a true developer need is valuable (which means advertising a solution to a specific problem, not just [...]

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Developer Experience Advertising Don’ts

The Developer Experience   If a developer audience is the target of your ad campaigns, you care as much as your brand’s product engineers do about the developer experience. If you are using advertising to attract developers to your brand’s product, tool, feature, or developer community, then the developer experience begins with your ad. The best intentions, however, can go horribly awry unless you avoid these developer experience advertising don’ts. No Walls Paywalls Nothing pisses off developers more than a request for a credit card number just to view technical content or to try a new product. Sure, once your [...]

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What Makes An Authentic Voice?

Clarity Requires Technical Authenticity Successful advertising to developers rests on the same principles as advertising to any other customer — and first and foremost, you need to build trust. Brands interested in creating a productive relationship with a developer audience need to understand that the currency which builds trust in this audience is backed by technical knowledge. Advertising often distills complex concepts to simple messages. With technical audiences, this increases the need for technical authenticity. What Is Valuable To Your Audience? To develop an authentic voice for something as deceptively simple as an advertising campaign, you need to start [...]

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The Developer Experience Begins With Your Ad

Developers DO Like Design Sure, if the answer to a question is buried in hard-to-scan, visually unappealing text and code, a developer will wade through it. But they’d rather not. So when it comes to your advertising, design with the developer in mind. The developers interviewed in our Meet the Developer series have said many of the things you’d expect from any consumer. (For instance, they appreciate visually appealing and easy-to-understand advertising.) But it’s important to keep in mind that the developer experience includes every touch point with your brand. That’s why the developer experience begins with your ad. [...]

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Newsletters: Developer Advertising at Its Most Effective

Newsletters Are Great Developer Advertising Most developers love newsletters. How do we know? It’s not just suspect open rates. Developers click on newsletter links. Are pigs flying? Did hell freeze over? Nope. Developers like to receive information about the tools and services they can use in their developer-to-developer communities — pure and simple. Say it loud, say it proud, because it’s just true. Developers Like Newsletters Who says? Well, besides the comments we received when we interviewed developers, Evans Data Corporation — that’s who. The Evans Data Corporation Developer Marketing 2018 Survey data showed that more than 40% of [...]

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