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Yolanda is a scientist, writer, marketer, community leader and avid runner who lives and works in Livermore, CA. Yolanda started out in the field of lab-on-a-chip at Sandia National Labs. After having to transfer technology to industry, she moved to industry to build an international marketing team of scientists to exert technical influence in the field of food safety for Thermo Fisher Scientific. She took that expertise to LabSmith to run marketing and sales. At a small company, she discovered the significance of digital tools to amplify word-of-mouth, and is now a passionate advocate of a holistic digital marketing approach tailored to technical products and markets as co-founder of FounderTraction.

Developer Marketing Resolution 6: Stop Over Infogating Content

What do modern developers do? Thanks to devops, more and more. In fact, your modern developer may even be an IT operations professional acting like a developer. Bottom line: your audience and your customers are BUSY. So when you make them fill out multiple fields, or give them the chance to hesitate about how their information will be used when they want to access your content, you risk losing them. The most egregious violation? Asking them for their phone number. Just don’t. Infogating – How Much is Okay? What the Data Shows Based on Evans Data Corporation’s Developer Marketing 2017 [...]

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Writing Winning Content: Meet CodeProject 2018 MVP Roger Deutsch

Modern developers like Roger Deutsch (who goes by the handle Raddevus) have evolved with their field because of their love of learning. Fortunately, developers like Roger also love to share what they learn, in part to archive their own knowledge for themselves. Roger loves to challenge himself to learn new things as a developer and then write about it, which has led him to contribute several articles to CodeProject (CP), one of which has received over 300,000 views. The quality and popularity of Roger’s contributions in articles and answers to community-posed questions earned him the CodeProject MVP award in [...]

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Developer Marketing Resolution: Date your customer before you ask them to go all the way

What does it mean to go all the way in a customer relationship with the modern developer? It's more than just asking them to pay. Anything from asking for information like phone numbers up to and including asking for surveys to be filled out, feedback to be given, or APIs to be written all qualify as big commitments in your customer’s eyes. These asks require a high-trust relationship. Maybe it’s time to date your customer. Why You Need Trust First We learned a lot about how developers behave from Evans Data Corporation’s Developer Marketing 2017 and 2018 surveys. Surprisingly, [...]

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Developer Marketing Resolution 5: Create Contests That Teach

Why use contests to drive modern developer engagement? Unlike hackathons that attract a wide range of developers, often mainly students, online events like contests can engage developers with jobs, including those who influence or make purchases. However, what drives developer engagement? There are several knobs you can turn to create successful developer contests. But within the context of experimentation, managing expectations, and creating a memorable experience, there are a few guidelines that we learned by talking to developers. Based on Evans Data Corporation’s Developer Marketing 2017 survey results, we know that contests advertised on newsletters from D2D communities are likely [...]

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Developer Marketing Resolution 4: Promote Your Content in Newsletters

The modern developer loves newsletters. Developers click on newsletter links. Are pigs flying? Did hell freeze over? Nope. Developers like to receive information about the tools and services they can use in their developer-to-developer communities, pure and simple. Say it loud, say it proud, because it’s just true. Developers Like Newsletters Who says? Well, besides the comments we received when we interviewed developers, Evans Data Corporation—that’s who. Evans Data Corporation Developer Marketing 2018 survey data showed that more than 40% of developers subscribe to three to five newsletters. Only 5% said they subscribed to none. That means 90% of developers [...]

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Writing Winning Content: Meet AI Tensorflow Challenge Winner Oana Mancu

Modern developers such as Oana Mancu love to incorporate play into their professional life. That’s why entering challenges like the CodeProject AI TensorFlow Challenge held from Oct. 18–Dec. 31, 2018, was a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to learn something new, as Oana did, and get a chance to prove that knowledge? Especially with an attention-getting $5,000 in prizes being offered. The Challenge Actually, the challenges. The mission, if you chose to accept it, was to complete as many of three challenges as you cared to complete. Challenge 1: 30-Second Survey: How Would You Train Your Evil AI? Take this [...]

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Developer Marketing Resolution 3: Put Brand Awareness First

When we interviewed developers, several indicated they would only click on product advertising if they recognized the brand. So before you launch your product marketing ad campaign that invites them to click through to a trial or an API, it’s best that they recognize your brand. That’s why it’s so important to put brand awareness first. One-Two Punch Content and promotion. Give developers content they want to consume and share, and also promote it. The most effective way to become known to developers is to help them learn something. Sonko, as he’s known to his friends, will click on [...]

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Developer Marketing Resolution 2: Own Public Documentation

Whether you are speaking to the modern developer, modern IT, or the DevOps engineer, public documentation may be the first content they consume. As the first face of your product or company a developer prospect sees, it needs to be a good one. That’s why your public documentation deserves to be part of your content marketing strategy. It also deserves to be written by a practitioner from outside your company. Public Documentation is Practitioner Content Marketing Undoubtedly you have documentation already written by your product team. However, it was probably written for another member of the product team. They already [...]

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Calling All DevOps Engineers

Calling Them What? And that is the question. If you are marketing to developers, you already know that there is no generic “developer.” Undoubtedly, your tool or service is meant to be wielded by a very specific developer persona. But thanks to DevOps, that persona may be employing multiple tools. So when your persona also identifies as DevOps, what does that mean? Why should you care? To understand this, Developer Media posed a very simple question on CodeProject.com: “Are you a DevOps engineer?” Yes, But... At least one developer responded, “Yes, but I don’t want to be one.” Harrr. [...]

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Developer Marketing Resolution 1: Commit to a Blog Frequency

Content marketing may be king, but it sure doesn’t feel good to be the king, particularly when you are asked to justify the performance of your blog. Any marketing team can struggle with keeping their blog traffic high and the market-qualified leads flowing, but it is an inestimable challenge when that blog is for the modern developer. Challenges Perhaps the most daunting part of creating a relevant, compelling blog that satisfies the modern developer or modern IT audience is that it must be technical. On the surface, this seems easy to solve—after all, you are responsible for marketing a [...]

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