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Developer Evolution: June 2013

I recently returned from a brief trip to Microsoft's TechEd conference in New Orleans. There, I talked with many folks familiar with the market about what changes they see in developers over years. I don't mean just gray hair -- I mean collectively in how developers have changed in the past few years. Of course, Microsoft TechEd is much less about developers than it used to be -- they have become an under-served, de-emphasized subset of the conference audience. That said, there were a few of us in the developer market putting in a token appearance, and when I [...]

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The relevance of developers: everything is software

One of our core beliefs at Developer Media is that developers will soon be running the world. I don't mean they're taking over our governments, although recent news about hacker breaches and government electronic spying . The technology trends are clear: software is increasingly a part of everything in our lives. I’m writing this post, for example, in the car dealer’s service waiting area, where they are not only replacing an oil sensor, but are also updating the car’s software (mine is too old to get over-the-air automatic updates). There are thousands of other examples, some of which I’ll [...]

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How to engage with the academic developer community … or even should you?

I've talked with several people lately who have asked about how they might best work with student developers. The short version of the story: it’s expensive and somewhat of a luxury, especially for a smaller company. How students interact with developer resources To provide some context, here’s my perspective on how students interact with dev resources. First: students work on projects their instructors want them to work on. There are outliers – the exceptions – who consume everything they can find, who build their own apps, who are entrepreneurial. But they’re the exceptions. Most students are busy being college [...]

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English Still the Lingua Franca of the Developer Web

In a recent article, "English is No Longer The Language of the Web," author Ethan Zuckerman, director of the MIT Center for Civic Media, wrote, that the explosive growth in Internet use around the world has dramatically reduced the amount of content in English. It's a fascinating article, and I recommend you read it to understand his perspective coming from this organization dedicated to giving a voice to people and communities worldwide. However, I continue to caution that most developer content remains in English. Developers are used to reading technical content in English -- and code itself is largely based [...]

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Mobile Developer Market Brief

Nearly every developer is a mobile developer, even if they don’t call themselves one. Over 75% of today’s professional developers belong to the mobile developer market. The latest Developer Media survey, based on a sample of over 20 million unique monthly developers who visit our sites, suggests developers are most likely to be “mobile developers” in their spare time (43%). They’re nearly as likely to be producing mobile apps and sites as part of their full-time job along with other development projects (36%). Dedicated mobile developers make up only 6% of the overall developer market. Mobile developers might not call [...]

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Think you’re not a Mobile Developer? Think Again.

Nearly every developer is a mobile developer, even if they don’t call themselves one. Over 75 per cent of today’s professional developers code for mobile devices. BARCELONA, February 28, 2013 — Three out of four developers are coding for mobile devices in either their spare time or as part of their full-time job, according to a new survey conducted by Developer Media. The survey was based on a sample of over 23 million unique monthly developers visiting Developer Media’s sites. The community of developers were polled about mobile-specific subjects, including interest in mobile platforms. Only 6 per cent of [...]

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Bite-Sized Developer Training Now Served on the New CodeProject.TV

TORONTO, ON (PRWEB) April 04, 2013 CodeProject announces CodeProject.TV, an innovative video training marketplace. CodeProject.TV enables software developers to get focused training to answer today’s question, without having to buy a subscription, or even an entire course. Videos start at under a dollar. Trainers, educators and even expert developers can offer their how-to videos as short, on-demand segments. CodeProject.TV was created to address an emerging need that CodeProject’s founders identified: Developers need answers fast, and want training that provides those answers on demand. “We have over 9.7 million members on CodeProject who have voiced their need to solve problems [...]

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