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Developer Media pilots Adblock Plus acceptable ads program on CodePlex

We at Developer Media believe that internet Ads should not be intrusive or draw unnecessary attention to themselves. Our audience should be able to access the content we provide without being mislead by advertisers or tricked into clicking on Ads.The Ads displayed on our sites will be relevant to the displayed content and will be clearly marked as Ads. Any offensive or inappropriate Ads will not be allowed to run on our adverting network. We support the Adblock Plus initiative for acceptable internet Ads .Please report any concerns about the ads on to Adblock Plus forum.

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Developer Media Gives Back to Small Companies through KickStart

Launches program to help startups and small companies effectively reach developers TORONTO, March 10, 2013 — Reaching developers is crucial for small technology companies, as developers play an ever-increasing role in the technology decision-making process. To help small companies succeed in the developer market, Developer Media has announced a new program, called KickStart, aimed to do just that. KickStart will provide a comprehensive marketing program to qualified tech startups and small companies, including many exclusive benefits, at an unmatched price level. Membership is available at two levels, Gold and Silver, and represents an unsurpassed value for growing businesses. David Cunningham, [...]

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Latest Tech Trends Research Results Reveal the Technologies with the Highest ‘Mindshare Velocity’

Developer Media shares key insights on what trends are on the rise in software development and which maintain dominance January 27, 2014 — Toronto, Canada — Developer Media, tech marketing experts, last week held a webinar to announce its latest Developer Tech Trends survey results and to release the official survey report. The results identified key insights on current and planned technologies, tools, platforms and development projects. In the report released by Developer Media, Jeff Hadfield, CXO, introduces the concept of ‘Mindshare Velocity’ to measure what technologies are starting to capture developers’ attention. In the report, Hadfield provides a [...]

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New research to reveal technology trends in the software development market

**MEDIA ADVISORY** Developer Media will hold a webinar to release its latest Tech Trends Survey results January 12, 2014 – Toronto, Canada – Developer Media's CXO, Jeff Hadfield will hold a webinar to reveal the latest results of their Technology Trends research which surveyed a sampling of its network of over 23 million software developers. Immediately following the webinar Developer Media will officially release its latest Technology Trends Research Report which includes the full survey results and deeper insight and recommendations for tech marketers looking to target software developers. Where: The webinar will take place via online meeting conference. [...]

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CodeProject Community Wins Big in the Intel® App Innovation Contest 2013

CodeProject community members won 6 out of 9 prize categories, including the Grand Prize, and collectively took home over $70,000. TORONTO, CANADA – Intel recently announced the results of the Intel® App Innovation Contest 2013, a global competition that pit developers against each other to design and build Windows 8 apps for All-In-One and Tablet devices. CodeProject members took home two-thirds of the winning spots, including the Grand Prize. The contest launched in July and invited developers from around the world to submit Windows 8 app ideas in six different categories: Healthcare, Education, Retail, Finance, Entertainment and Games. Contestants [...]

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New Research Reveals That Nearly All Developers Are Mobile Developers, Or Soon Will Be

Developer Media’s latest mobile developer market brief reveals insight, recommendations for marketers aiming to reach this growing market November 25, 2013 — Toronto, Canada — Developer Media, experts in marketing to software developers, today announced its latest Developer Mobile Market Survey and Analysis reports. The results reveal opportunities for marketers looking to target mobile developers, and illustrate how the market is changing. Download the full Mobile Developer Market Survey Results report here: Developer Media’s research illuminates the complexity and challenge inherent in developing for today’s mobile platforms. While iOS and Android continue to dominate, developer interest is increasing [...]

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CodeProject Gives Away $10,000 in Prizes to Celebrate its Ten Millionth Member

Celebrations also included member meet-ups around the world to toast the CodeProject community TORONTO, September 12, 2013 — For CodeProject, one of the world’s largest online communities of software developers, it has been a summer full of celebrations.  Members from around the globe organized parties in countries such as Switzerland, Israel, India, Brazil and the United States.  Members met, shared memories and celebrated the community that they have helped build.  CodeProject also engaged its members by creating a “why do you love CodeProject?” contest that gave members the chance to create a video or submit a photo meme for [...]

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CodeProject Celebrates Ten Million Members

One of the world’s largest independent communities of coders and developers hits major milestone. TORONTO,  — CodeProject, one of the world’s largest online communities of software developers, is celebrating its ten millionth registered member. The community was co-founded thirteen years ago by Chris Maunder and David Cunningham with the simple idea of generating collaborative content that would help developers improve their work flow and technical abilities. To celebrate the milestone, CodeProject is working with its members to coordinate celebrations around the world throughout the summer.  Celebratory events will be hosted by influential members of the CodeProject community in countries [...]

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Intel App Innovation Contest Challenges Developers to Get Creative to Win Over $100,000 in Cash Prizes

Global competition pits developers against each other in the ultimate Windows 8 App challenge TORONTO, Canada -- CodeProject has announced its newest contest, the Intel App Innovation Contest (AIC) 2013, with over $100,000 in cash prizes.  The global competition, which ends on November 20, is sponsored by Intel and co-sponsored by Lenovo.  Application developers submit their most innovative Windows 8 tablet and all-in-one desktop app ideas to compete in a three-round challenge to win big and gain recognition in the international developer community. Are you up for the challenge? Here’s how to enter: Round 1: Developers must submit their [...]

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Developers Think Differently: Research Brief Explores Software Developer Personalities

Developer Media’s latest research on developer personalities helps marketers understand software developers — and better communicate with them August 9, 2013 — Toronto, Canada — A typical software developers’ personality is significantly different from the average person’s, according to a new survey conducted by Developer Media.  Based on the results, almost 30 per cent of developers fall under one specific personality type. Developers are more likely to exhibit five specific personality types than other people, the study found. The survey had professional software developers visiting take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test to determine their personality type, and [...]

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