CodeProject community members won 6 out of 9 prize categories, including the Grand Prize, and collectively took home over $70,000.

TORONTO, CANADA – Intel recently announced the results of the Intel® App Innovation Contest 2013, a global competition that pit developers against each other to design and build Windows 8 apps for All-In-One and Tablet devices. CodeProject members took home two-thirds of the winning spots, including the Grand Prize.

The contest launched in July and invited developers from around the world to submit Windows 8 app ideas in six different categories: Healthcare, Education, Retail, Finance, Entertainment and Games. Contestants from four different developer communities, including CodeProject, competed for the top honours.

Each community selected its best 125 app idea submissions to move on to the next phase of the competition. Developers who moved on to the second phase of the contest received a Tablet or All-In-One device from the contest co-sponsor Lenovo, using it to help turn their app idea into a functioning demo application in just eight weeks.

In the end, US-based developer and CodeProject member Matthew Pilz won the $20,000 Grand Prize for his entertainment app “Scribblify.” Five other CodeProject members won $10,000 each in the different prize categories.

Winners from CodeProject:

• Grand Prize Winner – Scribblify by Matthew Pilz

• AIO Category Winner – Hot Shots by Adam David Hill

• Education Category Winner – SensiGator by Bryan K. Brown

• Finance Category Winner – Smart Replenishment by Vivek Anand

• Games Category Winner – Wormhole Pinball by Dave Gannon

• Healthcare Category Winner – My Health Assistant by Tim Corey

“I have always enjoyed the thrill of competitions and have participated in many over the years. The technical challenge of developing an app in a short deadline-driven environment while competing with others from around the globe makes it all the more rewarding in the end,” said Matthew Pilz. “I decided to enter the App Innovation Contest through CodeProject due to my past familiarity with the site and my utmost respect for its staff and membership base, who have proven tremendously helpful and professional in all aspects of application development.”

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