Dev Marketing 101: Lead Generation

Generating new business leads is one of the most fundamental duties of any marketing professional. Doing it effectively and consistently, however, can be challenging; especially when dealing with an audience as discerning as software developers. At Developer Media, we’ve helped companies of all sizes grow their developer fanbase and convert prospects into new customers with a no-nonsense approach to lead generation. We know there are still many organizations that could be doing a better job at generating developer leads, so we’ve gathered up some the best practices we’ve collected over the years and provided them here in this guide [...]

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Dev Marketing 101: Content Marketing

Content marketing is getting a lot of looks in the developer marketing space, and rightfully so. A strong content marketing strategy allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and build trust with your target audience. It also helps you add life and personality to your brand. But like any marketing endeavor, there is more to it than meets the eye. Having a content marketing section of your plan means more than just throwing a few blog posts on your site and calling it a day. Your content marketing must be organic and authentic, as well as calculated and on message. [...]

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4 Content Marketing Tips That Work

We work with many clients creating technical content strategies for marketing to developers. While every content marketing plan is different, there are some common threads. Today we're sharing a few of our favorite tips to help kick-start content marketing strategies: 1. Understand your potential customers and current customers' needs. You can get a good start on this in only few hours' time. How? The fastest way is to call a handful of each. Ask them what their biggest challenges are. Ask them what keeps them up at night. And ask them what kind of guidance would help their jobs be [...]

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