Dev Marketing 101: Events as a Developer Marketing Tool

By Sara Faatz Events – whether creating your own, participating in a third-party event, or hosting a virtual affair – afford you the opportunity to interact with the developer audience in a meaningful way. They are powerful marketing tools that require thorough planning and attention to detail. Throughout this guide we will cover the basic elements of every event: purpose, content, and theme. We’ll also touch on driving attendance, important details to remember, and success metrics. Purpose There are many reasons to host or participate in an event - customer appreciation; building champions; generating revenue; establishing your expertise; building [...]

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Dev Tidbits #001: How much caffeine do developers consume?

This is the first post in our new "Dev Tidbits" series, which looks at interesting, quirky and fun facts about developers in their professional and personal lives. Between writing code and scripts, testing, fixing bugs, keeping projects on schedule, late-night deployments, learning new languages and frameworks, fixing more bugs, refactoring and waiting for the compiler (or any of the other tasks that chew up a programmer's day) there are a lot of demands on a software developer’s time. How do devs stay alert and on task throughout a long day (or night) of coding? The answer is pretty simple: [...]

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