Mobile Development Trends (2015 Update)

There are now more than a combined 3 million apps available for download across Google Play and the Apple App Store, the world’s two leading mobile app marketplaces. Add in all of the many thousands of business-focused (B2B) mobile applications sold direct or through alternative channels, as well as the countless proprietary applications developed for in-house use (B2E), and it’s clear that mobile tech continues to be an important focus for many software developers in 2015. To garner greater insight into how developers within our own audience are interacting with and affected by this ever-growing mobile landscape, we recently [...]

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What Marketers Need to Know About Native vs. Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Why do some developers prefer native apps and others prefer cross-platform apps? Our recent study says 47% of developers prefer to create native apps; 35% prefer to create cross-platform apps.In the mobile research briefs we published last month, we heard an interesting developer story. We conducted some qualitative interviews to accompany our quantitative research, and we learned that really, every developer, given time and an ideal world, would enjoy creating native mobile apps. However, as in life, reality intrudes. Developers choose cross-platform apps because of a few things. Development schedules may be compressed or unworkable for a native app, [...]

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“Mobile Developers” Really Means “Developers”

In a great presentation at the AT&T Dev Summit's Design track last week, AT&T's Doug Sillars said that it's time to "drop the word 'mobile' from 'Web development.'" We say "Amen" to that. In fact, we'd take it one step further: it's time to drop the word "mobile" from the phrase "mobile developers." (With one exception I'll mention shortly.) Our recent mobile study and analysis suggest that nearly every developer is a mobile developer. The ubiquity of mobile devices and mobile content consumption means that most Web sites need to work well on mobile devices. And increasingly that goes [...]

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