Mobile Development Trends (2015 Update)

There are now more than a combined 3 million apps available for download across Google Play and the Apple App Store, the world’s two leading mobile app marketplaces. Add in all of the many thousands of business-focused (B2B) mobile applications sold direct or through alternative channels, as well as the countless proprietary applications developed for in-house use (B2E), and it’s clear that mobile tech continues to be an important focus for many software developers in 2015. To garner greater insight into how developers within our own audience are interacting with and affected by this ever-growing mobile landscape, we recently [...]

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“Mobile Developers” Really Means “Developers”

In a great presentation at the AT&T Dev Summit's Design track last week, AT&T's Doug Sillars said that it's time to "drop the word 'mobile' from 'Web development.'" We say "Amen" to that. In fact, we'd take it one step further: it's time to drop the word "mobile" from the phrase "mobile developers." (With one exception I'll mention shortly.) Our recent mobile study and analysis suggest that nearly every developer is a mobile developer. The ubiquity of mobile devices and mobile content consumption means that most Web sites need to work well on mobile devices. And increasingly that goes [...]

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New Research Reveals That Nearly All Developers Are Mobile Developers, Or Soon Will Be

Developer Media’s latest mobile developer market brief reveals insight, recommendations for marketers aiming to reach this growing market November 25, 2013 — Toronto, Canada — Developer Media, experts in marketing to software developers, today announced its latest Developer Mobile Market Survey and Analysis reports. The results reveal opportunities for marketers looking to target mobile developers, and illustrate how the market is changing. Download the full Mobile Developer Market Survey Results report here: Developer Media’s research illuminates the complexity and challenge inherent in developing for today’s mobile platforms. While iOS and Android continue to dominate, developer interest is increasing [...]

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Mobile Development: More Than Just App Stores

Next week we'll be releasing our latest survey results and analysis on the mobile development market. As a sneak peek, here's an interesting statistic that can help marketers tailor both messages and products to mobile developers. It's easy for everyone to fall in the trap of picturing mobile development as "development for app stores" and for consumers. And to be clear, a lot of mobile development is for app stores, and is built for consumers. But as we point out when we talk about developers, it's easy to overlook the enterprise developer. Yet most developers are enterprise developers. With that [...]

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