Upsurge of Developers Working in the Internet of Things in 2015

The term "Internet of Things" (IoT) was first coined in 1999 and the various technologies and computing concepts that make it up -- machine-to-machine communications/M2M, embedded devices, smart/intelligent systems, etc. -- have existed in some form or another for even longer, but it wasn’t until more recently that IoT really started to gain mainstream momentum (just look at the Google Trends report below). 2014 marked a watershed year for the now firmly established technology megatrend and perhaps nowhere is that more apparent than in the world (and business) of software development. Last year saw the inaugural Internet of Things [...]

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2014: More Growth in Cloud & Big Data Development

Cloud and Big Data development promise the most growth according to our recent Developer Media Tech Trends study. Here's what you need to know as a marketer about this trend.In our recent Tech Trends survey, we asked developers worldwide what types of development projects they're working on. I'll talk in a separate post about what types of projects (still) dominate. Two types of development showed the most growth, however, and they're similar: Cloud and Big Data. Both show at least 30% growth in use/intent since 2013. Neither are surprising, but there are insights around both that can benefit those who produce [...]

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Latest Tech Trends Research Results Reveal the Technologies with the Highest ‘Mindshare Velocity’

Developer Media shares key insights on what trends are on the rise in software development and which maintain dominance January 27, 2014 — Toronto, Canada — Developer Media, tech marketing experts, last week held a webinar to announce its latest Developer Tech Trends survey results and to release the official survey report. The results identified key insights on current and planned technologies, tools, platforms and development projects. In the report released by Developer Media, Jeff Hadfield, CXO, introduces the concept of ‘Mindshare Velocity’ to measure what technologies are starting to capture developers’ attention. In the report, Hadfield provides a [...]

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New research to reveal technology trends in the software development market

**MEDIA ADVISORY** Developer Media will hold a webinar to release its latest Tech Trends Survey results January 12, 2014 – Toronto, Canada – Developer Media's CXO, Jeff Hadfield will hold a webinar to reveal the latest results of their Technology Trends research which surveyed a sampling of its network of over 23 million software developers. Immediately following the webinar Developer Media will officially release its latest Technology Trends Research Report which includes the full survey results and deeper insight and recommendations for tech marketers looking to target software developers. Where: The webinar will take place via online meeting conference. [...]

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