One of our core beliefs at Developer Media is that developers will soon be running the world. I don’t mean they’re taking over our governments, although recent news about hacker breaches and government electronic spying . The technology trends are clear: software is increasingly a part of everything in our lives. I’m writing this post, for example, in the car dealer’s service waiting area, where they are not only replacing an oil sensor, but are also updating the car’s software (mine is too old to get over-the-air automatic updates). There are thousands of other examples, some of which I’ll mention in later posts, but you can’t swing a dead SCSI cable without hitting something that’s now running on software.

As Marc Andreessen wrote in his Wall Street Journal article of 2011, “Why Software Is Eating The World,”  technology has evolved sufficiently that nearly every industry is being affected — and transformed — by software. From wind turbines to thermostats, innovation is happening even more in the software that controls objects than in the objects themselves. (The revolution in manufacturing on demand and personal manufacturing is a subject for another day.)

Developers, of course, are essential to software, since they engineer and write it. And since they’re essential to software, and software’s essential to today’s business, every business needs to learn to talk to developers. Every business will eventually have data, services or actual software they share with other businesses and with customers.

We can help  you prepare your business for the future by learning how to talk with developers  — and be ready for what Andreesen calls “a dramatic and broad technological and economic shift.”

Original image from Fortune – on Flickr