2021 Meet the Developers cover
2021 Meet the Developers cover

Meet the Developers eBook

Download a free copy of our Meet the Developers eBook – 2nd Edition.

2021 Meet the Developers cover

The 2021 Meet the Developers eBook

We’ve all heard marketers say that “developers don’t like to be marketed to,” but in reality, developers are people too, though perhaps slightly more cynical.  That said, they still need products, tools, and services to help them get their jobs done.  Your developer marketing needs to align with how developers like to receive information.

In our Meet the Developers eBook, you will hear from developers, in their own words, what makes them interested in your advertising.  Download this eBook and dive into developers’ psyche to better understand how to reach and influence developers. You will:

  • Explore interesting developer personas
  • Learn new methods of engagement that developers appreciate
  • Understand where and how to approach marketing to developers
  • Evaluate where you can improve your current marketing methodology

You will be able to download the ebook upon submission.