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Meet ContentLab IO Author Josh Chang

Tunneling Josh Chang is pretty interested in the work he does every day as a developer. And, he fears the silo. Having side projects in game development gives him a view of a wider world of code and developer tools. Writing about game development helps him tunnel so there are no silos (or at least they are connected). It also hones [...]

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Meet ContentLab IO Author Wayne Applebaum

Good Data Analysis Means Having an Impact One of the most striking things about ContentLab IO author Wayne Applebaum is that he can’t separate writing about tech from doing it. It’s just that much a part of what he does. That’s partly because of his training in graduate school, the nature of data collection and analysis, and his own philosophy. Wayne [...]

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Meet ContentLab IO: Introducing Ryan Peden, Developer and Author

Wearing Many Hats Ryan rocks the Renaissance man style of many developers. He loves programming and writing about programming. His curiosity about how to create effective content is matched by his curiosity about new technology and writing better code. He values technical content marketing because he’s seen it work––Not just to help products find customers but to help developers find the [...]

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Email Open Rates: Misleading Metrics and Best Practices

It’s Still Not Working While email open rates aren't a viable way to measure marketing effectiveness, we recommend some proven ways to get more from your email marketing. There’s no time like the present for us marketing professionals to stop using email open rates to measure marketing campaign effectiveness. It’s 2019, and they’re still not helping us get where we want to [...]

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Meet ContentLab IO Senior Technical Editor, Terry Dorsey

A Collaborator, Not A Critic The role of a senior technical editor is a funny thing. It does involve handing out some tough love to your authors. But with an attitude like Terry’s, it doesn’t have to come with a slap or a sting. A critical yet supportive editor, Terry’s goal is simple: helping authors write their best. That benefits his [...]

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Meet ContentLab IO: Introducing Brigitta Navodarszky, the Kitten-Herding Snow Plow

Communication is Key Outsourcing your technical content creation can be one of the most effective uses of your time and money as a content marketer for a developer or DevOps audience. It can also feel like a leap of faith. You’re not the only believer. ContentLab IO also believes that technical content marketing is an essential marketing tool for the developer [...]

Meet the Developer: Introducing Julia Nash

“Give Me a Good Visual Experience” It’s easy to put developers in a box. And, while trends are supported by the anecdotes we are generating in this series, the delight is in the details. So is the insight. Developers like Julia Nash crave an uninterrupted visual experience. Maybe it’s because she came to love programming through gaming and game development. Julia [...]

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How to Produce the Best Public Documentation

A recent CodeProject survey showed that the biggest impediment to learning a new technology was poor documentation.  When Evans Data Corp asked an even wider audience of developers why they had rejected proposed and even purchased tools in the last year, as many developers cited a lack of adequate documentation as did cite poor integration with their existing environment (28%). When [...]

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How to Select the Best Contest Platform Partner for Your Developer Challenge

So...You Are Planning A Developer Challenge Developers LOVE a challenge. New problems, new ideas, a chance for recognition, rewards, and to build something new and interesting. Giving developers a challenge that helps them learn to use your API, service, or tool is one of the most effective ways to build your brand, create buzz around a product, and foster developer community [...]

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