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Valuable Technical Content

What Technical Content Is Important? Tech professionals consume many forms of technical content to help them understand a product — pre- and post-sale. Have you ever wondered what content technical audiences most value in their process? To find out, Developer Media posed the following question to CodeProject developer community members: “What's important when reading about a company's (dev related) product or [...]

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Case Study: How TomTom Built a Developer Portal Content Runway with the Help of ContentLab

The Client TomTom is the leading independent location technology specialist, shaping mobility with highly accurate maps, navigation software, real-time traffic information and services. To achieve our vision of a safer world, free of congestion and emissions, we create innovative technologies that keep the world moving. By combining our extensive experience with leading business and technology partners, we power connected vehicles, smart [...]

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Your Developer Community Technical Content Starter Guide

Developer Community Building 101 There are many sources of developer community building information, including conferences (DevRelXCon), training, and articles. An interesting article about developer community building best practices by SparkPost CMO Josh Aberant made it to a mainstream marketing media site, MarketingLand. This worthy piece invited the question: What content accompanies these useful best practices? The 6 Best Practices Josh Aberant [...]

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Talk Technical to Me: Voice Search and Developer Content Marketing

Really, though? Really. Even for technical information, voice search is on the rise, and developers, DevOps teams, and other IT professionals are using it. Don’t believe us? Believe Evans Data. Results from their  2019 Developer Marketing Survey reveal that developers commonly use voice-activated search or voice-recognition-based search to look for technical information. How common is it?  >60% said that this activity [...]

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Meet ContentLab Director Michael Desmond

Quality Reigns The role of ContentLab director is fundamentally a business role, developing and perfecting product. With Michael Desmond, former Editor-in-Chief of MSDN Magazine, in that role, the message is clear: content quality is job one. The Person Behind the Role Tell me about yourself. Where did you grow up, where do you live, and what is your role in ContentLab? [...]

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What Should a Tech Resource Hub Look Like?

Before Tech Support If you are marketing to developers or other experts in tech, it’s likely you are building some kind of community. Sure, you have your existing customers who need documentation, tutorials, etc. However, what attracts new techies to your brand and your product is all the information you provide before they hit Download, and certainly before they hit Purchase. [...]

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The Making of Developer Buzz

Developer Buzz What makes for developer buzz? Getting regular programmers to share thoughts and information in developer communities (not necessarily just social media). What makes them valuable is that their posts get engagement. So how do you ignite developer buzz? You give them a technical story to tell, then let them — and hopefully several developers like them tell it in [...]

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Maximize Your Content: You Can Infographic That!

It’s Like a Map It’s true, a picture is worth a thousand words. But infographics often include words, and even need them to tell a story. That’s because an infographic is more of an information map, helping the viewer understand a frame of logic, a concept, a process, and the significance of information. By using eye-catching graphics with minimal words, infographics [...]

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Social Media and The Snack-Size Campaign

What Is That Loud Sucking Sound? Whether you have produced content in-house or have it produced for you, content is a huge investment. Your content marketing campaign likely feels like a vacuum of endless content need. However, it’s doubtful you have the budget to feed what seems like a force of nature. No worries — Repurposing content allows you to maximize [...]

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