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Meet the Marketer: Introducing Kristina LeBlanc

Developer Marketing Insights In Meet the Marketer, DeveloperMedia is spotlighting professionals who are focused on marketing to developers. Through this series, we want to provide access to and insight on your peers, like Kristina LeBlanc, a Global Campaign Manager at OutSystems, so you can learn firsthand how they market to developers. It’s also a way to share best practices, and perhaps learn something new! A Marketing Education in the Beltway Kristina is a native of Boston. She attended The George Washington University in DC, a school known for its political science program, but Kristina focused on business and marketing. Though [...]

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Long-Term Planning for Consistency in the Market

Where Would We Be Without Plans? Best-practice marketing is built around planning. You can get by in marketing (and in life) without planning, but the results can be messy. Following are some planning considerations: Strategy. What do you want to accomplish with your marketing resources, and where do you want to expend your energy? This includes business goals, marketing Key Performance Indicators, competitive goals, and market share goals. (Check out the D2D Advertising Guide from DeveloperMedia for help defining your goals and strategy.) Budget. Where do you place your bets to get the best return — the biggest bang for [...]

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What the Future Developer Will Look Like

Near Term Predictions of a cyborg-infested world in the near future are probably overblown. While humans have made great strides in using technology to solve medical conditions due to disease or damage, we haven’t quite reached the stage where silicon-based implants are readily available to enhance physical or mental performance in a fully-functioning developer. As of this writing, there aren’t enough silicon chips to keep up with automobile production due to supply chain issues caused by COVID! While not widely available, cyborg technology is steadily advancing in research labs and is reaching limited commercialization. Technology aside, what will the profession [...]

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Advertising DevOps Tools to Developers

Overview DevOps has become a force in business and the development community because it’s designed to break down silos in a business enterprise between developers, functional business groups, and IT. Designed to counteract “throw it over the wall’ handoffs between groups, DevOps is a bridge meant to increase efficiency and create a robust Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) strategy. DevOps has specific segments designed to address lifecycle management, and from this structure, specific tools have been developed to facilitate development efforts. DevOps Methodology and Tools DevOps is designed to be a continuous process, allowing iterative improvements throughout; a key to [...]

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Why Devs Love Their Newsletters

Newsletters remain one of the best means of communicating with your developer audience.  They should be an integral part of your communications campaign, along with email, blogs, and offers. Newsletters are trusted by developers who opt-in, and they opt-in because they enjoy the content you provide. With so much potential, newsletters should be an area where you devote a significant number of resources to ensure quality and relevance. Take Me To Your Reader Newsletters are a significant commitment in that they must be maintained as an ongoing effort. They should be planned in advance using an editorial calendar. Support will [...]

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Measuring Developer Marketing Campaigns – More Than Just Clicks

Listen to Einstein (or Cameron) The phrase “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted” has been attributed to Albert Einstein — though, in fact, it has been traced to William Bruce Cameron, a noted sociologist, as the originator. While there are many situations in which Cameron’s quote quote applies, it lends itself especially well to a marketing discussion. Digital marketing can create endless streams of data which can be analyzed in a variety of ways to determine if marketing or advertising campaigns are effective. And that’s really the holy grail of marketing [...]

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To Call, or Not to Call a Developer, That is the Question

What Are the Odds… …that anyone under the age of 60 will answer a call from an unknown caller? With that in mind, before we delve into specifically contacting a developer, let’s face facts: Based on a study done by Hiya in 2020, only 6% of calls from unidentified callers are answered, primarily because of robocalls and scam callers. Analyze your own behavior —  do you answer calls from unknown callers? The same study found that despite widespread fraud and robocalls, people still prefer voice calling over other methods of communication, including texts and email. Most unknown calls go to [...]

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A Deep Dive Into Machine Learning Developers

To Gather Data Is Human We like to think we are data-driven. From large-scale government or business operations to individuals managing their budget, people justify decisions based on data. Our devices gather data to enable entities to aggregate vast amounts of data which are processed, analyzed, and correlated in order to draw conclusions. Data science (DS), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) all process large amounts of data to make decisions. SlashData has recently published its annual State of the Developer Nation Survey, which includes a section devoted to developers of machine learning applications and the type of data [...]

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Advertising Cloud Tools to Developers

The View from 30,000 Feet Working in the cloud offers unique challenges to developers and unique opportunities for software tool vendors looking to address this market. What was a new frontier has quickly become an accepted and established market as more apps, programs, developers and businesses have migrated to internet-based cloud computing. Working in the cloud involves thoughtful development and management to ensure that the cloud user is maximizing efficiency and resources. What Developers Want According to the DeveloperMedia User Survey, independently conducted by Evans Data Corporation, developers are highly influential in the decision-making process on which tools to use [...]

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Developers Speak JavaScript: Programming Languages Developers Use in 2021

Follow the Data SlashData has published their annual State of the Developer Nation report, developed from a survey of over 19,000 developers, and the data is insightful. According to their estimate, there are currently 24.3 million active software developers in the world, using a variety of programming languages in their work, and the survey reveals which programming languages developers use. Software development languages and SDKs are tools of the trade — the modern-day equivalent of the hammer, saw, and screwdriver. Just like carpenters’ tools, the programming languages used today are specialized, offering specific advantages to developers for certain applications or [...]

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