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Meet the Developer: Introducing William Springer, Ph.D.

What About the Developer? Have you ever wondered about the developer experience of your advertising? If you are marketing to developers, you absolutely should. Our goal with our Meet the Developer series is to give you, the marketer, insight into individual developers. Meet the people behind the code and learn about how they experience the advertising and content you are throwing at them. We caught up with William Springer, Ph.D.,  a software engineer who currently lives in Wisconsin. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and baking. He follows Scott Hanselman, and has been a guest on Scott Hanselman’s podcast, [...]

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Successful Developer Advertising Campaigns

First, Do Your Own Development Make sure you do the development involved in creating the developer persona(s) of the developers you need to attract. Understanding your audience is fundamental to successful developer advertising campaigns. Let’s look at three basic demographics using the Evans Data Developer Marketing Survey 2020 as a guide to provide baseline data. Education.  Of those surveyed, Over 70% had a bachelor’s degree or higher. While some people have a natural talent for understanding technology and software, the dynamic nature of the profession requires the developer to have a higher level of formal education to stay abreast of [...]

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Learn How Developers Think: Get the Latest “Meet the Developers” Ebook

Why Meet the Developers? We’ve all heard marketers say “developers don’t like to be marketed to.” But in reality, developers are people, too, though perhaps slightly more cynical. That said, they still need products, tools, and services to help them get their jobs done. Your developer marketing and advertising needs to align with how developers like to receive information. In the second edition of the Meet the Developers ebook, we've selected recent and relevant previous developer interviews with important insights into how they most like to receive advertising. In these interviews, you can hear from developers in their own words, [...]

Meet the Developer: Introducing Dave Auld

What About the Developer? Are you curious about the developers who are the focus of your advertising? Our goal with the “Meet the Developer” series is to give you, the marketer, access and insight into individual developers like Dave Auld. Dave views advertising as a way to learn more about products which may help him in his work or hobbies. Dave does critical work. He is a problem-solver with intriguing hobbies.  Learn how Dave uses his developer community, CodeProject, to find solutions and ideas. Tell us about yourself, your professional accomplishments, and what you do for a living. I’m married [...]

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7 Ways to Improve Your Developer Ads

Developers are a particularly hard audience to capture with ads. Most of them know how digital advertising platforms work from a technical standpoint. As a result, they’re not particularly enthused when they find ads that don’t meet their standards. Yet, a truly great ad will definitely capture your target developer audience. Are your ads winning developers or losing them? You can improve your own developer ads by including these seven critical elements. 1. Authenticity  First and foremost, developers are skeptical of everything. It’s not because they’re paranoid, but because developers are usually scientifically-minded. The scientific mindset means that nothing is [...]

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Which Developer Podcast Should You Sponsor?

Go Where the Developers Are Capturing a developer audience requires first discovering where your ideal developer hangs out online, and then gaining their trust. You can accomplish both by sponsoring a developer podcast. Developers value commitment and transparency, alongside clean code (of course). You must be true to your brand and speak their language to gain their trust. There is no better way to communicate like a developer — without saying a word — than sponsoring a podcast. Why Sponsor a Developer Podcast? After a long day of squinting at code, developers welcome the break in screen time a podcast [...]

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Meet the Developer: Introducing Fiodar Sazanavets

What About the Developer? Our goal with the “Meet the Developer” series is to give you access and insight into individual developers, like Fiodar Sazanavets, so that you can learn firsthand how they perceive your content and advertising. We are pleased to introduce you to Fiodar Sazanavets, a developer who is active in his developer community, Simple Programmer.  In addition to his day job, Fiodar has his own technical blog, Scientific Programmer: Magazine. Meet the person behind the code, and learn how he views and uses advertising in his profession. When we interviewed Fiodar, he revealed that advertising in context [...]

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The Developer Experience: What Should Your Landing Page Look Like?

The Developer Experience Landing pages are critical to the success of your marketing campaigns, so let’s break their role in the developer experience down into stages to illustrate just how important they are. In Stage One, a developer’s attention is brought to your landing page link via an ad, or content with an embedded link. In Stage Two, the developer clicks the link and arrives at the landing page. Once they’ve safely landed, they view the content and decide whether to take the next major step, by committing with another click or giving up some personal information. In Stage Three, [...]

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Meet the Developer: Introducing Marissa du Bois

What About the Developer? Have you ever wondered about the developers who are the focus of your advertising? Our goal with the “Meet the Developer” series is to give you, the marketer, access and insight into how to best communicate with individual developers like Marissa du Bois. Through this unique forum, we invite you to meet the people behind the code and learn about how they experience the advertising and content you are sending their way. If you want developers like Marissa to buy your product and trust your brand, you need to be open and honest in your presentation. [...]

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How to Create a Good Call-to-Action

The Circle of Life Advertising The purpose of advertising is to motivate your audience to do something — specifically, to engage with your company and ultimately purchase your company’s products or services.  When this happens, your company will earn revenue, which will then trickle down into your paycheck, thus completing the Circle of Advertising. But that circle begins when your audience responds to your call-to-action (CTA). The CTA Your CTA is an often-overlooked imperative because it means that you need to think like a salesperson. The CTA is the digital marketing equivalent of “going for the close.” You’ve engaged your [...]

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