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A Deep Dive Into Machine Learning Developers

To Gather Data Is Human We like to think we are data-driven. From large-scale government or business operations to individuals managing their budget, people justify decisions based on data. Our devices gather data to enable entities to aggregate vast amounts of data which are processed, analyzed, and correlated in order to draw conclusions. Data science (DS), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) all process large amounts of data to make decisions. SlashData has recently published its annual State of the Developer Nation Survey, which includes a section devoted to developers of machine learning applications and the type of data [...]

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Advertising Cloud Tools to Developers

The View from 30,000 Feet Working in the cloud offers unique challenges to developers and unique opportunities for software tool vendors looking to address this market. What was a new frontier has quickly become an accepted and established market as more apps, programs, developers and businesses have migrated to internet-based cloud computing. Working in the cloud involves thoughtful development and management to ensure that the cloud user is maximizing efficiency and resources. What Developers Want According to the DeveloperMedia User Survey, independently conducted by Evans Data Corporation, developers are highly influential in the decision-making process on which tools to use [...]

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Developers Speak JavaScript: Programming Languages Developers Use in 2021

Follow the Data SlashData has published their annual State of the Developer Nation report, developed from a survey of over 19,000 developers, and the data is insightful. According to their estimate, there are currently 24.3 million active software developers in the world, using a variety of programming languages in their work, and the survey reveals which programming languages developers use. Software development languages and SDKs are tools of the trade — the modern-day equivalent of the hammer, saw, and screwdriver. Just like carpenters’ tools, the programming languages used today are specialized, offering specific advantages to developers for certain applications or [...]

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Lead Gen vs. Demand Gen

In the Lead… Every sales and marketing professional knows the definition of a sales lead: a person or business who may become a customer. In the thrill of the hunt for a sale, leads are digital footprints of the quarry. They have the potential to create a sale with the prospective person or business. Leads come in a variety of flavors, so for perspective, imagine a pyramid, and at the top, you have the generic sales leads, followed by marketing leads, followed by service leads. Generic sales leads are further split into hot, warm, and cold, qualified, unqualified, marketing qualified, [...]

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The Reason Behind Ungated Content

Strategic Decision Ungated content can often feel like a missed opportunity. Advertisers typically determine when to gate content based on the value of the content versus the behavior or sentiment of the target audience. Advertisers can take the perspective of their clients or target audience when valuing content, but there is bias inherent in being the creator of the content. Brand reputation, content quality, and context (placement) all must be considered when evaluating the value of specific content. Irrespective of the value, “to gate or not to gate” is a strategic decision. Chris Walker, CEO of Refine Labs, in an [...]

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Developers’ Plans Post-COVID

The Year The Earth Stood Still When COVID-19 hit in 2020, it would be an understatement to say the world was caught off guard. Every aspect of our lives has been affected by the pandemic — especially how we work and conduct business. In general, many of the major impacts of COVID are related to isolation and social distancing, especially in the work environment. Many industries, including tech companies and higher education, quickly adjusted to the conditions enforced by the pandemic. However, isolation created social interaction challenges even where adaptation was successful. Software development is a unique profession in that [...]

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You’ve Got (To Use) Email!

Why Email Now? Believe it or not, email is 50 years old this year. Back in 1971, an engineer named Ray Tomlinson sent the first email, unknowingly starting a communications revolution. Billions and billions of emails later, email is still an effective advertising channel for targeted audiences. While it’s an attractive communications channel because it’s universally accepted, cheap and flexible, not long ago, email got a bad rap because of overuse. It became ubiquitous and easy to ignore (spam didn’t help). Anti-spam regulations and respect for customers now makes spamming practices less popular. Even developers respond well to direct email, [...]

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Don’t Miss Your Target Audience

Shiny, Happy Customers Close your eyes and imagine your ideal customers. Are they all the same? Are they all working on the same projects, developing the same code, and facing the same challenges and frustrations? Chances are the only thing your ideal customers have in common is that (in your mind) they need your product. The reality is that not everyone needs your product. It’s best to concentrate on those that have the need and those that have the need, but don’t know it. To bring these high-potential candidate customers into focus, you have to exploit their similarities and differences. [...]

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Serving the Developer Community with Advertising

Now, more than ever, people need to connect. In the world of software development, developer communities offer resources, forums to share code and ideas, discussions, training, reviews, and product information. They are platforms for people who share common interests, and are useful for advancing code, careers and communication. These communities enable developers to support each other, and by doing so, they enrich the community. When it comes to advertising to developers, these developer communities offer a contextual benefit on several levels. There is an element of confidence, knowing that you are improving your odds of reaching a customer because you [...]

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Meet the Developer: Introducing William Springer, Ph.D.

What About the Developer? Have you ever wondered about the developer experience of your advertising? If you are marketing to developers, you absolutely should. Our goal with our Meet the Developer series is to give you, the marketer, insight into individual developers. Meet the people behind the code and learn about how they experience the advertising and content you are throwing at them. We caught up with William Springer, Ph.D.,  a software engineer who currently lives in Wisconsin. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and baking. He follows Scott Hanselman, and has been a guest on Scott Hanselman’s podcast, [...]

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