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Metric Mythology: Click thru, conversions, and page views

What Is Metric Mythology? No, this isn’t about how metrics are useless, wrong, or meaningless. Metric mythology is a set of stories about a situation that can be exaggerated or fictitious. They can be misleading. It’s easy to forget what metrics measure and what they don’t. Here’s a quick guide to some metric mythology to keep you from misinterpreting your metrics [...]

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Meet ContentLab Author Allen O’Neill

More Than a Developer You might remember Allen O’Neill from his interview about how he perceives advertising in our Meet the Developer series. And from that interview, you may have inferred that his participation in the CodeProject developer community means that he is also a technical author. Besides contributing to CodeProject, he is a proud contributor to ContentLab, our end-to-end expert [...]

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Developer Sentiment

Sentiment Defined Sentiment as it regards to marketing and PR usually refers to social sentiment, which is the emotion associated with your brand when it is mentioned on social media. It can also be a measure of the tone of articles mentioning your brand or competitors. Either way, it is a measure of your brand creating positive or negative associations. What [...]

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How to Calculate your Content Marketing ROI

What Is It? Content marketing return on investment, or ROI, is a ratio of the return of your content marketing campaign in whatever units are important to you (usually currency), divided by the cost in the same units (again, usually currency). While the units must be uniform in order to create a dimensionless number to draw comparisons, inputs can include other [...]

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Meet ContentLab Author Marcelo Oliveira

A Playful Core with a Professional Finish Like so many of the developers I’ve talked to, Marcelo’s love of programming began in his  youth, and with programming games. As with many writers who write in a developer community, Marcelo likes to interact with his peers and give back to the community. The original spark of playfulness and creativity that inspired him [...]

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How Technical Content Influences Brand Awareness And The Metrics That Matter

Talk Technical to Me Brand awareness is typically measured using a variety of metrics. Surveys tend to be useful, with logo recognition and brand recognition helping build out that data. Other metrics that can flesh out the picture of brand awareness include share of voice and net promoter score. For companies marketing to developers, technical content influences brand awareness, perception, and [...]

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Is a Blog Frequency of Twice a Week Enough?

Conventional Wisdom (?) One way to reach the modern developer is by offering them technical content regularly on your company’s blog.  Based on anecdotal experience, we recommend a blog frequency of at least twice a week. However, thanks to HubSpot, there is new data about blogging for B2B marketing that suggests the frequency should be higher, begging the question, “Is a [...]

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Meet ContentLab IO Author David Gray

Experience Counts It’s always a pleasure to meet practitioner authors, in part because they have such varied backgrounds. What is surprising is how despite that, the unusual things they have in common. Two of the ContentLab IO authors started in accounting, one moved to programming by chance, the other by intention. Introducing David Gray, whose strategy was to understand the language [...]

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How Long Should You Wait? Content Marketing Campaign Result Timelines

The sad, sad reality of technical content marketing is true for pretty much all content marketing campaigns: they need time to build steam. Expect to see results in 6 months with organic traffic, brand awareness, and share of voice/share of conversation continuing for up to 2 years. Our experience gleaned from our clients bears that out, as well as the experience [...]

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