Hello, Captain Obvious

Despite the importance of landing pages, often, simple things are overlooked, including making sure everything on a landing page works correctly. Landing pages are an integral part of your marketing and advertising campaigns. While landing pages shouldn’t be do-it-yourself projects, they should be test-it-yourself to make sure everything works as advertised (pun intended).

Any interaction with your brand should be frictionless for your audience. These interactions are the interface through which your audience commits to an action that will move your relationship forward — or not.

What’s In It For You?

It’s all about your brand. With every asset, you can build it, and with every faulty interaction, it is incredibly easy to chip away at it — or even destroy it.

To Err Is Human. To Judge Is Even More Human 

Developers are people, too.  And people tend to develop impressions based on interactions. Once burned by a poorly constructed landing page, brands and reputations can be tarnished, and that leads to skepticism toward future interactions. Even a typo can erode trust in your brand and the promise your brand is making.

Mistakes Are Expensive

Unless you have unlimited resources, every effort has a cost. Though it’s true in most cases that “If you don’t do it right, you can always do it over,” there is a cost to this strategy in terms of resources as well as reputation. A well-designed landing page should be tested prior to release so it’s done right the first time it’s launched. Developer audiences are not tolerant of do-overs.

Better Landing Pages Yield Better Results

Responses to your offers and advertising are the lifeblood of your company. Optimize each element of the landing page so that you have a seamless transition from offer to action. The best way to do this is to create consistency across messages and visual brand elements in your advertising and the corresponding landing page.

You Improve What You Measure

Beyond just revenue, business objectives keep your company moving forward. Landing page metrics should include entrance and exit information, page views, clicks, and bounce rate. The importance you tie to each of these metrics is up to you and the campaign you are running. They will be indicators of the effectiveness of your campaign, including messaging and design elements.

The Best Landing Page Wins

Flawless execution can be a competitive advantage. A recent survey of developers by CodeProject uncovered some obvious and not-so-obvious sources of landing page frustration (shown in Table 1). Don’t do the things mentioned in this survey. If you heed this advice, your developer audience will appreciate you more over your competitors.

Table 1:  CodeProject Survey Data — July 2021

Using technical terms and getting them wrong359 56.54
Trying to be developer hip214
Obvious coding errors in the page (page is broken, errors in the console etc)35555.91
Obvious security holes, especially on purchase pages31649.76
Beginner errors in form submission workflows (no client-side validation, getting confused by trailing spaces etc)26641.89
Trying to impress audience with their "cleverness"22335.12
Insisting that customers communicate through social media (eg Facebook Messenger, Twitter etc)41865.83
Trying to block certain actions, but leaving them wide open to anyone who uses the browser Developer Tools16525.98
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

Conclusion:  What’s In It For Your Audience?

In a word, everything. The opposite of frustration is satisfaction. And isn’t that what we all really want? We want our developer audience to have faith in our products and trust our brand. The quality of a brand in the digital age is most evident in the way that brand and its products are presented, including the digital assets that are used to present them. Interactions should be frictionless — an impediment-free journey from customer interest to product purchase. Make sure your advertising and landing pages are designed and developed with this in mind.


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