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Writing Winning Content: Meet AI Tensorflow Challenge Winner Oana Mancu

Modern developers such as Oana Mancu love to incorporate play into their professional life. That’s why entering challenges like the CodeProject AI TensorFlow Challenge held from Oct. 18–Dec. 31, 2018, was a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to learn something new, as Oana did, and get a chance to prove that knowledge? Especially with an attention-getting $5,000 in prizes being offered. The Challenge Actually, the challenges. The mission, if you chose to accept it, was to complete as many of three challenges as you cared to complete. Challenge 1: 30-Second Survey: How Would You Train Your Evil AI? Take this [...]

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Writing Winning Content: Meet CodeProject 2018 MVP Roger Deutsch

Modern developers like Roger Deutsch (who goes by the handle Raddevus) have evolved with their field because of their love of learning. Fortunately, developers like Roger also love to share what they learn, in part to archive their own knowledge for themselves. Roger loves to challenge himself to learn new things as a developer and then write about it, which has led him to contribute several articles to CodeProject (CP), one of which has received over 300,000 views. The quality and popularity of Roger’s contributions in articles and answers to community-posed questions earned him the CodeProject MVP award in [...]

Writing Winning Content: Meet CodeProject 2018 MVP Roger Deutsch2023-03-06T10:10:24-05:00

Download the Creating Winning Content Ebook

Winning content for content marketers targeting the modern developer and IT professional is content that interests them and delivers value. Creating winning content encompasses more than putting out an interesting blog post or white paper every once in a while. It is a commitment that requires a strong content marketing strategy connected to business goals.Well-constructed content marketing strategies include clear KPIs that are used before, during, and after a campaign. It requires a content strategy for developers and IT professionals that includes different forms of content with specific purposes including raising awareness of a technical problem, education about the characteristics [...]

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Writing Winning Content: Meet Summer Fun with Arduino Challenge Winner Phil Hopley

When Phil Hopley retired from a 40-year career as an engineer, he added adventure travel to his life. Oh, yeah, and he started a home robotics project. In the process, he’s won a developer challenge (or two). Welcome to Phil Hopley, Version R.0. The Challenge(s) In the “Summer Fun with Arduino Challenge” where Phil took first prize, there were four challenges for participants to choose from, ranging from the fun and interactive to the deep and educational. They included building an Arduino LED binary counter creating Morse code, showcasing a working Arduino project that they were already developing, and [...]

Writing Winning Content: Meet Summer Fun with Arduino Challenge Winner Phil Hopley2023-03-06T10:09:46-05:00
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