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The Best Ad Platforms Provide Brand Protection

If your ad platforms provide brand protection, what you have delivered is as important as brand awareness. With behavioral ad targeting via a number of digital platforms, the context in which your company’s ad appears can prompt any potential reaction, from irritating your customer to offending them. When selling business-to-business (B2B), it is important that your ads are served to your customers in a professional context. The best context for a developer: Viewing the products and brands that matter to them, surrounded by the content that matters to them. How can targeted advertising backfire? Targeted ads can backfire when [...]

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Web and Mobile Development: Still Hot, Still a Marketing Opportunity

While we as marketers often perceive the Web and mobile markets as somewhat mature, our recent Developer Media Tech Trends study shows that there is still a lot of market opportunity and interest. Here's why. As technology marketers, and as people who spend our time immersed in the development market, we spend a lot of time on the leading edge of the market. It might not always seem that way, but we do! It's a fascinating paradox in this market that while our customers -- software developers -- must spend a lot of time maintaining existing projects, line of business (LOB) [...]

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Mobile Development: More Than Just App Stores

Next week we'll be releasing our latest survey results and analysis on the mobile development market. As a sneak peek, here's an interesting statistic that can help marketers tailor both messages and products to mobile developers. It's easy for everyone to fall in the trap of picturing mobile development as "development for app stores" and for consumers. And to be clear, a lot of mobile development is for app stores, and is built for consumers. But as we point out when we talk about developers, it's easy to overlook the enterprise developer. Yet most developers are enterprise developers. With that [...]

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Latest Tech Trends Research Results Reveal the Technologies with the Highest ‘Mindshare Velocity’

Developer Media shares key insights on what trends are on the rise in software development and which maintain dominance January 27, 2014 — Toronto, Canada — Developer Media, tech marketing experts, last week held a webinar to announce its latest Developer Tech Trends survey results and to release the official survey report. The results identified key insights on current and planned technologies, tools, platforms and development projects. In the report released by Developer Media, Jeff Hadfield, CXO, introduces the concept of ‘Mindshare Velocity’ to measure what technologies are starting to capture developers’ attention. In the report, Hadfield provides a [...]

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New Research Reveals That Nearly All Developers Are Mobile Developers, Or Soon Will Be

Developer Media’s latest mobile developer market brief reveals insight, recommendations for marketers aiming to reach this growing market November 25, 2013 — Toronto, Canada — Developer Media, experts in marketing to software developers, today announced its latest Developer Mobile Market Survey and Analysis reports. The results reveal opportunities for marketers looking to target mobile developers, and illustrate how the market is changing. Developer Media’s research illuminates the complexity and challenge inherent in developing for today’s mobile platforms. While iOS and Android continue to dominate, developer interest is increasing in other platforms as well. Developer Media CXO, Jeff Hadfield, discusses [...]

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Download the March 2018 Developer Media Audience Profile by Evans Data

What is this and why should I read it? If you are marketing to developers, you need to understand your audience. We can help you by understanding ours. Get the skinny on who our audience is from the March 2018 Developer Media Audience Profile—gathered for you by Evans Data Corporation, one of the most trusted research organizations in our industry. In the profile, we serve up the latest data about our greatest assets—the developers who make up the developer-to-developer (D2D) communities we reach. Reliable Developer Intelligence Inside Not ready to commit and click yet? Where else will you learn: [...]

What Marketers Need to Know About Native vs. Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Why do some developers prefer native apps and others prefer cross-platform apps? Our recent study says 47% of developers prefer to create native apps; 35% prefer to create cross-platform apps.In the mobile research briefs we published last month, we heard an interesting developer story. We conducted some qualitative interviews to accompany our quantitative research, and we learned that really, every developer, given time and an ideal world, would enjoy creating native mobile apps. However, as in life, reality intrudes. Developers choose cross-platform apps because of a few things. Development schedules may be compressed or unworkable for a native app, [...]

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Measuring Developer Marketing Campaigns – More Than Clicks

Sorting Through an Abundance of Data Digital marketing can create endless streams of data. These data streams can be analyzed in a variety of ways to determine if marketing or advertising campaigns are effective. And that’s really the holy grail of marketing — measuring results and effectiveness — especially when you are looking for a return on your investment (ROI). But the issue with endless streams of data is that those data streams are subject to interpretation. You have to decide what is relevant to your marketing efforts. While some might categorize the time we’re currently in as the [...]

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Bite-Sized Developer Training Now Served on the New CodeProject.TV

TORONTO, ON (PRWEB) April 04, 2013 CodeProject announces CodeProject.TV, an innovative video training marketplace. CodeProject.TV enables software developers to get focused training to answer today’s question, without having to buy a subscription, or even an entire course. Videos start at under a dollar. Trainers, educators and even expert developers can offer their how-to videos as short, on-demand segments. CodeProject.TV was created to address an emerging need that CodeProject’s founders identified: Developers need answers fast, and want training that provides those answers on demand. “We have over 9.7 million members on CodeProject who have voiced their need to solve problems [...]

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Think you’re not a Mobile Developer? Think Again.

Nearly every developer is a mobile developer, even if they don’t call themselves one. Over 75 per cent of today’s professional developers code for mobile devices. BARCELONA, February 28, 2013 — Three out of four developers are coding for mobile devices in either their spare time or as part of their full-time job, according to a new survey conducted by Developer Media. The survey was based on a sample of over 23 million unique monthly developers visiting Developer Media’s sites. The community of developers were polled about mobile-specific subjects, including interest in mobile platforms. Only 6 per cent of [...]

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