Nearly every developer is a mobile developer, even if they don’t call themselves one. Over 75 per cent of today’s professional developers code for mobile devices.

BARCELONA, February 28, 2013 — Three out of four developers are coding for mobile devices in either their spare time or as part of their full-time job, according to a new survey conducted by Developer Media. The survey was based on a sample of over 23 million unique monthly developers visiting Developer Media’s sites.

The community of developers were polled about mobile-specific subjects, including interest in mobile platforms. Only 6 per cent of respondents identified themselves as being dedicated mobile developers.

Based on these statistics, marketers can most effectively reach mobile developers by simply targeting general developers. Statistics also indicate that mobile developers are as interested in general development subjects as they are in mobile-specific subjects.

Developer Media’s research corroborates a recent market study released by Vision Mobile which reports that over 80 per cent of smartphones shipped in 2012 were either Google (Android) or Apple (iOS) platforms. A trend that Developer Media’s study also revealed is the high level of developer interest in Microsoft’s relatively new Windows Phone 8 platform as well as HTML 5.

“One of the fascinating things we discovered is that while the majority of today’s mobile developers are coding for Apple and Android, there is a high level of interest in other platforms,” said Jeff Hadfield, CxO of Developer Media. “Additional opportunities lie with the tools and technologies that support app development on Windows Phone 8 and HTML5. It appears that HTML5 is emerging as lingua franca for the mobile web.”

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