AI’s Role In Marketing And Advertising

Embracing The AI Wave Recent breakthroughs in AI have brought it to the forefront of our culture. AI is pervasive, and whether you view it as a threat or a blessing, AI is here to stay. Its influence will touch every individual in some capacity. AI has been around in various forms for several years, from auto-spelling correction to chatbots, and smart devices to marketing automation systems. The current buzz is around generative AI systems, which use deep learning (neural networks) and machine learning (adaptive networks) to generate content or make decisions based on minimal human input. The quantum [...]

AI’s Role In Marketing And Advertising2023-10-09T14:46:42-04:00

Beyond Content: Tips to Boost Search Traffic

Developers Rely On Search Engines Increasingly, developers are relying on search engines to find their technical content. As you can imagine, at ContentLab, we frequently work with clients to help raise their profiles in Google searches. Usually, we focus on developing concepts for actionable, high-quality technical content to help provide a leg up in attracting organic search traffic. But sometimes when reviewing the content offerings of clients, we find that there are opportunities for some easy, impactful gains — simply by adapting and optimizing their websites. Tips to Improve Your Content’s SERP Performance Here are a few things we [...]

Beyond Content: Tips to Boost Search Traffic2023-03-06T10:08:43-05:00
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