How to Create Consumable Technical Content

Even Developers Get Bored Yep — No matter how cool the technology, topic, or tutorial, if it’s not served in the way your audience wants to receive it, they’ll just ignore it. Developers are just as likely as any other audience to ignore a technically rich deep dive if they can’t easily connect it to information they need or want. So what does it take to make developers taste (much less consume) technical content? All They Want Is Extra Time — K.I.S.S. It’s not what you think. Remember K.I.S.S.? (That’s Keep It Simple, Stupid.) Matthew Pruitt, Head of Global [...]

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3 Ways to Maximize Technical Content Marketing Campaign Results

Maximize Your ROI You’ve acquired authoritative, developer-community resonant technical content. Now what? Is it just going to sit on a landing page or get buried in your blog? Not if you want to maximize exposure and your ROI (return on investment). Focusing on location can help you maximize your technical content campaign results. Location There are three critical aspects to location: where you place the content, where you promote the content, and where you point the content (and the reader). Placement. With something more deep, technical, and evergreen, like a white paper, you might be committed to a landing [...]

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Structuring Content With Developer Engagement In Mind

Developer Engagement Measuring developer engagement is an important part of making meaningful measurements of a content marketing campaign targeting a developer audience. So, how should content be structured to encourage developers to share content to promote subsequent engagement? Mix It Up The most important thing is to feature content that helps with professional skill building or training. Tutorials or how-to’s are the content most likely to be shared by developers with their peers. Why? Because it is perceived as useful. However, there are important steps you can take when structuring that useful content. Even if your content is primarily [...]

Listening: How to Measure Developer Content Sharing and Engagement

Defining Developer Content Sharing Developer content sharing is content about programming/information technology that developers or IT professionals share with each other. Engagement is evidence that these developers care about that content as seen by comments, replies, likes or other digital interactions. To measure developer content sharing and engagement you can easily leverage the tools that content marketers normally use to measure social share and engagement. However, you need to expand your share and engagement search (possibly through the share of voice measurement) to look for shares from other sources like developer-to-developer communities (D2D), specifically in forums, bulletin boards, or [...]

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Metric Mythology: Click thru, conversions, and page views

What Is Metric Mythology? No, this isn’t about how metrics are useless, wrong, or meaningless. Metric mythology is a set of stories about a situation that can be exaggerated or fictitious. They can be misleading. It’s easy to forget what metrics measure and what they don’t. Here’s a quick guide to some metric mythology to keep you from misinterpreting your metrics and drawing false conclusions about your content marketing campaign. Low Click Thru Rate, Bad Content Click thru rate (CTR) means nothing if your audience doesn’t land or stick to your content. Why would that happen? One of the [...]

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Meet ContentLab Author Allen O’Neill

More Than a Developer You might remember Allen O’Neill from his interview about how he perceives advertising in our Meet the Developer series. And from that interview, you may have inferred that his participation in the CodeProject developer community means that he is also a technical author. Besides contributing to CodeProject, he is a proud contributor to ContentLab, our end-to-end expert content creation service. His start — building computers as a boy. He came back to programming by way of being a musician. The Person Behind the Keyboard Tell me about yourself. Where did you grow up, where do [...]

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Developer Sentiment

Sentiment Defined Sentiment as it regards to marketing and PR usually refers to social sentiment, which is the emotion associated with your brand when it is mentioned on social media. It can also be a measure of the tone of articles mentioning your brand or competitors. Either way, it is a measure of your brand creating positive or negative associations. What Is Developer Sentiment? Developer sentiment refers specifically to the emotion and tone that developers use when mentioning your brand. If your business depends on developer adoption or influence, developer sentiment is important to understand and to influence. But [...]

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How to Calculate your Content Marketing ROI

What Is It? Content marketing return on investment, or ROI, is a ratio of the return of your content marketing campaign in whatever units are important to you (usually currency), divided by the cost in the same units (again, usually currency). While the units must be uniform in order to create a dimensionless number to draw comparisons, inputs can include other units of measure — like staff hours — that are converted to a currency unit. It’s pretty simple, so why does it feel so hard? Probably because many times even a successful content marketing campaign is hard to [...]

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Meet ContentLab Author Marcelo Oliveira

A Playful Core with a Professional Finish Like so many of the developers I’ve talked to, Marcelo’s love of programming began in his  youth, and with programming games. As with many writers who write in a developer community, Marcelo likes to interact with his peers and give back to the community. The original spark of playfulness and creativity that inspired him as a teen developer holds strong as a now-mature developer, in sharing what he has learned with a wider developer audience. He brings that creativity and playfulness into authoring content too, using a variety of tools to come [...]

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How Technical Content Influences Brand Awareness And The Metrics That Matter

Talk Technical to Me Brand awareness is typically measured using a variety of metrics. Surveys tend to be useful, with logo recognition and brand recognition helping build out that data. Other metrics that can flesh out the picture of brand awareness include share of voice and net promoter score. For companies marketing to developers, technical content influences brand awareness, perception, and trust. Metrics That Matter Share of voice is historically defined in terms of advertising and PR, but it is now applied to marketing. From a PR standpoint, it is a measure defined as the number of conversations being [...]

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