Meet ContentLab IO Author David Gray

Experience Counts It’s always a pleasure to meet practitioner authors, in part because they have such varied backgrounds. What is surprising is how despite that, the unusual things they have in common. Two of the ContentLab IO authors started in accounting, one moved to programming by chance, the other by intention. Introducing David Gray, whose strategy was to understand the language of business (money flow) first, and then the programming skills to create the platforms to facilitate how companies do business. He’s experienced business workflows before and after the explosion of APIs, serverless, and devops. He brings his wealth [...]

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How Long Should You Wait? Content Marketing Campaign Result Timelines

The sad, sad reality of technical content marketing is true for pretty much all content marketing campaigns: they need time to build steam. Expect to see results in 6 months with organic traffic, brand awareness, and share of voice/share of conversation continuing for up to 2 years. Our experience gleaned from our clients bears that out, as well as the experience of several others. However, there is some dependence on the type of campaign, the desired result for your company, the metrics you are focusing on, and some factors contributing to success that you can influence.When Will I Know?Is your [...]

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Content Marketing Tactics Include Developer Challenges

Satisfy Learning Junkies People love showing off, especially to their peers. Developers are no different. Developers are also addicted to the bright, shiny object. The new thing. And that means they are kind of learning junkies. Modern IT professionals are no different. Evans Data Corporation’s latest Developer Marketing Survey bears that out, with >80% of developers claiming they are likely to share tutorial content with their peers. Keep It Fresh Sharing is great. But what about inspiring developers to take one more step and use the bright shiny object? What about getting developers to write about their use cases? [...]

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Will Your Metrics Send Your Content Campaign Careening Off a Cliff or Climbing to New Heights?

So Much Vanity, So Little Time The savvy tech content marketer constructs content marketing campaigns with the metrics in mind. These metrics not only measure success, but they help the marketer fine-tune their campaign as they roll it out. Meaningful metrics aren’t just end points, they are markers of the success of the campaign along the way. They should bring valuable data that helps inform decisions even as content is rolling out. Yet, despite your savviness, do ever feel... …cheated by your metrics? If you do, you might be using vanity metrics that aren’t connected to a business goal. [...]

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Writing Winning Content: Meet Summer Fun with Arduino Challenge Winner Phil Hopley

When Phil Hopley retired from a 40-year career as an engineer, he added adventure travel to his life. Oh, yeah, and he started a home robotics project. In the process, he’s won a developer challenge (or two). Welcome to Phil Hopley, Version R.0. The Challenge(s) In the “Summer Fun with Arduino Challenge” where Phil took first prize, there were four challenges for participants to choose from, ranging from the fun and interactive to the deep and educational. They included building an Arduino LED binary counter creating Morse code, showcasing a working Arduino project that they were already developing, and [...]

Meet ContentLab IO: Introducing Lisa Sidlow, VP of Sales and Marketing

It’s People Introducing Lisa Sidlow, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Developer Media and Content Lab IO. Lisa knows developers, she knows sales, and she knows marketing. But what she really knows is people. Give people high-quality content they can use, and they will enter into a relationship with your company. This is true pre- and post-sales. And, it is as true for developers as any other market segment. Meet the Person Behind the Role Lisa absolutely cares about the sale, but more than that, she cares about delivering value. That’s why content marketing is such an important [...]

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Meet ContentLab IO Author Josh Chang

Tunneling Josh Chang is pretty interested in the work he does every day as a developer. And, he fears the silo. Having side projects in game development gives him a view of a wider world of code and developer tools. Writing about game development helps him tunnel so there are no silos (or at least they are connected). It also hones his time management and project management skills. One of Josh's skills already stands out — communication. The Person Behind the Role Tell me about yourself. Where did you grow up, where do you live, where do you work, [...]

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Meet ContentLab IO Author Wayne Applebaum

Good Data Analysis Means Having an Impact One of the most striking things about ContentLab IO author Wayne Applebaum is that he can’t separate writing about tech from doing it. It’s just that much a part of what he does. That’s partly because of his training in graduate school, the nature of data collection and analysis, and his own philosophy. Wayne is a storyteller who believes a well-told story can have an impact. The Person Behind the Role Tell me about yourself. Where did you grow up, where do you live, where do you work, and what is your [...]

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Meet ContentLab IO: Introducing Ryan Peden, Developer and Author

Wearing Many Hats Ryan rocks the Renaissance man style of many developers. He loves programming and writing about programming. His curiosity about how to create effective content is matched by his curiosity about new technology and writing better code. He values technical content marketing because he’s seen it work––Not just to help products find customers but to help developers find the tools they need. The Person Behind the Role Tell me about yourself. Where did you grow up, where do you live, and what is your role in ContentLab IO? I was born in Toronto, 5 minutes away from [...]

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Email Open Rates: Misleading Metrics and Best Practices

It’s Still Not Working While email open rates aren't a viable way to measure marketing effectiveness, we recommend some proven ways to get more from your email marketing. There’s no time like the present for us marketing professionals to stop using email open rates to measure marketing campaign effectiveness. It’s 2019, and they’re still not helping us get where we want to go as marketers, and, at best, they’re an untrustworthy and misleading metric. Aside from being difficult to read and unreliable, they direct our attention away from metrics that really matter, like clicks, conversion, and adoption. (If you’re unfamiliar [...]

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