Write Ad Copy Developers Notice

Wouldn’t you love to be able to write the ad copy developers notice? The content your ad points developers to will shape the message of your ad. To create the most effective ad copy, you must know the content topics that will interest your technical audience.

Start With the Value Proposition

If your ad points your developer audience to content that is useful to them, they are much more likely to click. This means understanding the value proposition of your product and your brand’s expertise, and delivering content that communicates that. Elements of the value proposition that make good content and good copy include:

  • Specific functionality of your brand’s technology
  • Cost savings relative to competitors
  • Security features
  • Performance specifications
  • Return on time compared to alternatives

What Messages Do Developers Find Most Compelling?

According to the most recent Developer Marketing Survey published by Evans Data Corporation, the majority of developers are most likely to click on an ad with a message about the specific functionality of the technology itself. However, sizable numbers of developers are as interested in cost savings, security, performance specs, and time savings.

How Does That Compare to Other Sources?

Anecdotally, the developers we’ve talked to have shared similar opinions to those revealed in the survey about the content they find most compelling. It turns out that compelling content makes for compelling messaging. This translates into clickable ad copy.

Make Messages Specific, Useful, and Technical 

The takeaway here is that the more specific, useful, and technical your message, the better. Ad copy developers give their attention to is most likely to focus on the specific functionality of the technology.   Other messages that can make a developer click on your ad include cost savings, time savings, security, and specific performance specs. For more details on how to create successful advertising campaigns that resonate in developer-to-developer communities, check out our eBook, “D2D Marketing: An Advertising Guide.”