Download the March 2018 Developer Media Audience Profile by Evans Data

What is this and why should I read it? If you are marketing to developers, you need to understand your audience. We can help you by understanding ours. Get the skinny on who our audience is from the March 2018 Developer Media Audience Profile—gathered for you by Evans Data Corporation, one of the most trusted research organizations in our industry. In the profile, we serve up the latest data about our greatest assets—the developers who make up the developer-to-developer (D2D) communities we reach. If you not only want to know who they are but also what tools and technologies [...]

Marketing to Developers Field Guide

Knowing who you’re selling to is paramount to the success of any marketing program. Written by Developer Media’s Sara Faatz and Lisa Sidlow this guide is a quick reference to address how to strategically identify and reach developer audiences. Click here to download the Marketing to Developers Field Guide eBook

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2017 Audience Profile

In March of 2017, Developer Media commissioned Evans Data Corp to conduct a survey of their audience.  The objective was to obtain a profile that would portray the various characteristics of the developers who frequent the Developer Media websites and so form a profile of their audience. Evans Data has conducted many developer surveys every year since 1998.  We have 12 different syndicated surveys that we run each year, plus many many more bespoke surveys for private clients and they are all focused on developers.  Thus we’ve become highly aware of the characteristics of various types of developers, their [...]

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4 Reasons to Advertise in Developer-to-Developer Communities

On one hand, the explosion of digital technologies has offered marketers more innovative and powerful new ways to connect with audiences than ever before. But with so many different marketing channels to choose from, coupled with pressure to deliver results on constrained budgets, deciding exactly where and how to allocate your advertising budget can be enough to give anyone a headache. Get it right and you can reap the rewards of reaching new developers and growing your customer base. Get it wrong and you could waste a lot time and money only to have your message fall on deaf [...]

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Developer Personalities: Audience Brief

Software developers are a unique, demanding demographic. Developer Media’s latest research analysis helps marketers better understand them in order to better market to and communicate with them. Developers don’t think like the average person. In fact, developers are somewhat of a breed apart. They’re likely to identify themselves as craftsmen and artisans, in an engineering, technical-problem-solving sense. While there are many ways to assess personality types, one of the most widely accepted is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), a way to illustrate personality differences. The MBTI describes personality types based on four pairs of opposing traits, and then describes [...]

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Mobile Developer Market Brief

Nearly every developer is a mobile developer, even if they don’t call themselves one. Over 75% of today’s professional developers belong to the mobile developer market. The latest Developer Media survey, based on a sample of over 20 million unique monthly developers who visit our sites, suggests developers are most likely to be “mobile developers” in their spare time (43%). They’re nearly as likely to be producing mobile apps and sites as part of their full-time job along with other development projects (36%). Dedicated mobile developers make up only 6% of the overall developer market. Mobile developers might not call [...]

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