Winning content for content marketers targeting the modern developer and IT professional is content that interests them and delivers value. Creating winning content encompasses more than putting out an interesting blog post or white paper every once in a while. It is a commitment that requires a strong content marketing strategy connected to business goals.

Well-constructed content marketing strategies include clear KPIs that are used before, during, and after a campaign. It requires a content strategy for developers and IT professionals that includes different forms of content with specific purposes including raising awareness of a technical problem, education about the characteristics of a satisfying solution, and specific details that can drive a decision about the adoption of a specific product, tool, or service. It means committing to creating blog content, public documentation, as well as a promotion strategy. Fundamentally, it means putting yourself in the place of your audience.

The judicious use of authors from outside your company can improve the credibility of the brand and it offers the authenticity of a practitioner that is closer to the customer than you are. Practitioner content marketing offers a chance to build brand recognition and authority by borrowing a believable, technical voice. It also takes the burden off your own team and the product engineers, so you can commit to a blog frequency that will build your audience.

For the same reason, practitioners are the ideal source of public documentation, which is most effective when it is included in the content marketing strategy. After identifying the channels for your content that make it easy for customers to find, building a robust promotion strategy increases the likelihood your audience will find and interact with your content.

At the core of your strategy lies the content itself. It should be technical and about something that interests your audience, where you can offer something unique. The secrets of writing winning content may be only part of the recipe for successful content marketing campaigns, but they are critical. Download the ebook to learn more about how you can take your content marketing strategy to the next level and win the hearts and minds of your skeptical technical audience.

About ContentLab

ContentLab, a Developer Media company, is a content marketing as a service company devoted to producing high quality, technical and thought leadership and education content for companies selling tools to developers, DevOps and engineering-minded professionals. We have built a network of expert and influential authors writing blog posts, white papers, public documentation, and tutorials drawing on their expertise including aspects of DevOps, artificial intelligence/machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and data algorithms, and more.

ContentLab’s mission is to be part of both the advertising and software development communities acting as a bridge between advertisers, brand marketers, and developers. We strive to help companies deliver the most effective and influential messages to software developers and IT professionals and connect them with software and hardware vendors through a positive, informative and respectful conversation.

We offer an accomplished group of creative and technical minds, focused on building excellence in technical content marketing, creativity, and technology to ultimately deliver excellence in the technical content marketing experience.