About Developer Media

Our Mission

Developer Media’s mission is to be part of both the advertising and software development community and act as a bridge between advertisers, brand marketers, and developers.

Our goal is to help companies deliver the most effective and influential messages to Software Developers and to connect software and hardware vendors with developers to foster a positive, informative and respectful conversation.

We accomplish this by assembling the finest group of creative and technical minds and tasking them with building excellence in technical marketing, in creativity, and in technology to ultimately deliver excellence in the ad experience.

Our Story

Developer Media was founded by Chris Maunder and David Cunningham—two people who are passionate about software development but came together from opposite directions. Together, they started one of the most popular software development websites in the world, CodeProject.com, which has grown to include 13.2 million software developers as members.

In response to an overwhelming demand for advertising properties and products, Developer Media was created and grew to represent more than 250 websites, projects and blogs through a combination of acquisitions, organic growth and strategic partnerships.

Today, Developer Media works closely with major companies to help them define, refine, and deliver their messages to the global software development community. Some clients include Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Google, Amazon, and Cisco.

Developer Media is the manifestation of the founders’ passions: a passion for helping create great software and for helping build great companies.


Developer Media is managed by Chris Maunder, David Cunningham and Lisa Sidlow — three people who are passionate about software development but come together with different and complementary skills.

Chris Maunder

Chris is the co-founder and administrator of CodeProject.com and has been deeply involved in building online communities since 1996. Chris studied Environmental Engineering at Melbourne University as well as Astrophysics at The Australian National University.

David Cunningham

Co-founder. Serial Entrepreneur, Software Developer, Investor, Advisor, and Industry Veteran. David is proud to be named a Top 100 Innovator and Leader by SDTimes Magazine 7 years in a row.

Lisa Sidlow

Lisa loves bridging the gap between marketers and developers to helping marketer achieve their goals.  With 20 years of experience in the developer space she’s well equipped to help companies market their products and services in the most effective way.


Katie Willams

Katie works closely with our clients to optimize their advertising campaigns and help them meet their objectives.

Michele Guido

With more than 10 years in the developer space, Michele enjoys connecting tech companies with the right audience.

Laurie Hindes

Laurie Hindes

Laurie is passionate about helping her clients successfully market to developers.

Darrah Buren

Darrah assists the VP of Sales and Account Directors in a wide variety of ways, enabling them to better serve our clients.

Jeff Horning

Jeff Horning

Jeff is 100% focused on delivering high value to tech marketers through well-designed advertising and content programs.

Turner Sblendorio

Turner Sblendorio

Turner is passionate about helping clients market to developers through highly technical content and an audience of millions.