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ContentLab is a specialized content marketing agency that provides tech industry leaders with high-quality written articles, tutorials, courses, and other technical marketing materials. ContentLab is purpose-built to attract, educate, and engage technical audiences at scale with expertly written practitioner content.

Dev Role Discovery Best Practices

What Do We Mean By Dev Roles? The roles that developers play in a developer decision-making unit (DDMU) are key to influencing how a DDMU (or team) decides to acquire and apply your brand’s product. And developers may have specific roles and expertise within a technical team that influence their points of view, priorities, and motivations. When creating technical content that your audience will find most useful in understanding your brand and your brand’s offering, it’s important to keep these elements in mind. Role Discovery It’s useful to begin role discovery by defining the DDMU you are supporting with [...]

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How to Create a Tech Content Strategy that Addresses Multiple Developer Roles

Reaching All the Roles In 2019, 68% of technical content marketers told the Content Marketing Institute that their top challenge last year was addressing a wide variety of roles. When creating technical content marketing materials for developers, roles have to be defined for both the business and technical categories of the developer decision-making unit (DDMU). Due to the complexity of the DDMU and the technical complexity of many applications, it’s obvious that the successful content marketer must create a tech content strategy that reaches multiple developer roles. Who Makes Up The DDMU The developer decision-making unit (DDMU) comprises all [...]

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Why Developer Role Segmentation Impacts Tech Content Marketing Campaigns

It’s Complicated Understanding the specific demographics of your content marketing audience is important, and generational segmentation is key. But it’s more complicated than that — 68% of technical content marketers told the Content Marketing Institute their top challenge in 2019 was addressing a wide variety of roles. For technical content marketers, audience segmentation by developer role is critical. Why Segment The Influencers, Users, and Gatekeepers? According to data presented by Developer Media from a CodeProject survey, 35% of the developers who responded reported they rejected tools. Another 30% revealed they don’t have to reject tools — they have full [...]

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Tech Content Channel Distribution Best Practices

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are Developer audiences abound in a wide variety of channels. It’s important to know where to find them, and then think about which channels may appeal more to your generational segments. We went into this in some depth last year, but let’s take a look at some of the highlights. Where Are Developers? It’s important to remember that while developers are on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, they also look for content in developer-specific digital environments like D2D communities, developer influencer blogs, and media-specific platforms. Social Networks.  Matthew Pruitt, Head of Global Community and [...]

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Technical How-to Best Practices for Multigenerational Appeal

A Technical How-to vs. a Technical Tutorial Technical tutorials give a lot more background and information, and may incorporate how-to’s within a broader context that gives much more detail about why, what, and how. Technical how-to’s more narrowly focus on completing a specific task with a specific tool, platform, or technique. Developers with more experience may find how-to’s more useful, whereas those new to their careers may find tutorials more useful as they are still obtaining more general knowledge about their field. When Evans Data Corporation asked developers about the technical content topics they were most interested in — [...]

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Gen Appeal: How to Reach Millennial Developers Without Alienating the Rest of Your Audience

“OK, Boomer. Whatever, Karen” Generation wars are fun to exploit for t-shirts and trolls, but are not much of an asset when building a developer community or reaching a developer audience (look here for the definitions of Boomers, Millennials, Gen Xers, Gen Z, and why you should care). However, the generational lens does inform your audience’s technical content preferences and motivations. Understanding those nuances can help you reach specific segments. The good news is that it is possible to craft a technical marketing strategy to reach millennial developers without alienating the rest of your audience. Focus on Motivation Multiple [...]

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Beyond Content: Tips to Boost Search Traffic

Developers Rely On Search Engines Increasingly, developers are relying on search engines to find their technical content. As you can imagine, at ContentLab, we frequently work with clients to help raise their profiles in Google searches. Usually, we focus on developing concepts for actionable, high-quality technical content to help provide a leg up in attracting organic search traffic. But sometimes when reviewing the content offerings of clients, we find that there are opportunities for some easy, impactful gains — simply by adapting and optimizing their websites. Tips to Improve Your Content’s SERP Performance Here are a few things we [...]

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Tech Content Marketing Behaviors and Motivations by Generation and Experience

Generations and Years of Experience Many developer roles wind up influencing purchases when it comes to developer tools and platforms. Both age and years of experience as a programmer shape the lens through which developers perceive technical content. Unfortunately, sometimes we only have data for one or the other. So while generations refer to age (look here for the definitions of Boomers, Millennials, Gen Xers, and Gen Z, and why you should care), years of experience refer to how long someone has been working as a programmer. The two are often linked, but not always, and that is important [...]

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The Importance of Generational Segmentation for Successful Technical Content Marketing

The Top Challenge for Technical Content Marketers When the Content Marketing Institute asked technical content marketers what their top challenge was in 2019, 68% said: creating content for multiple roles. Even tech content marketers who consider themselves extremely successful struggle (66% of top performers compared to 68% of tech content marketers overall). Identifying multiple roles, as an issue, is still ambiguous. This encompasses different responsibilities (managers vs. individual performers); different programming skill sets (front-end vs. back-end, for example), and different levels of experience. Experience often correlates to age (not always, but assuming a typical educational trajectory, more years since [...]

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The 5 Most Popular Technical Content Marketing Topics of 2019

The Power of “Did You Know?” Without a doubt, developer marketers really want to understand developers: who they are, what drives them, what keeps them up at night. Based on our own blog traffic, they are also very interested in answering questions about the most effective content marketing strategies. We took a look at our page visits and content campaigns, evaluated what content marketers were most curious about in 2019, and considered what it might mean for 2020. #5. Show Me the Content! Our most popular content on ContentLab is the technical content itself. Unsurprisingly, technical content marketers are [...]

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