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Developer Media offers developer-focused advertising and marketing solutions with multiple campaign elements such as display banners, newsletter insertion placement, email blasts, content marketing, community thought leadership engagement, social amplification and lead generation. Talk to us to learn how you can engage with millions of developers.

Outbound Marketing to Developers (a.k.a. Email Marketing)

Outbound Marketing The world has changed, and it’s time to take a fresh look at one of the simplest and most effective digital marketing tools in your toolbox — outbound marketing. The need is self-evident; the pandemic has effectively isolated people from normal channels of communication. It has also essentially eliminated two important avenues of communication: the trade show and the in-person sales meeting. While there are virtual trade shows and web meetings, neither replaces in-person.  With the shift away from contact marketing, outbound remains one of the best methods to reach and communicate with your audience. Outbound marketing [...]

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Developer Product Evaluation Preferences

Product Evaluation Preferences Evaluating a product for purchase is tricky business. As the cost and complexity of the product increases, so does the risk; risk of failure, embarrassment. Your reputation on the line when making a product selection, and decisions have to be made. So Code Project asked its developer community “How do you prefer to evaluate a product?” From a marketing perspective, there are a number of tactics you can use to promote a product for evaluation. In this survey, developers were presented with a list of common evaluation tactics and asked to rate them. Developers could choose [...]

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Meet the Developer: Introducing Mehreen Tahir

What About the Developer? Have you ever wondered about the developer experience of your advertising? If you are marketing to developers, you absolutely should. Our goal with the “Meet the Developer” series is to give you, the marketer, insight into individual developers.  Meet the people behind the code and learn about how they experience the advertising and content you are throwing at them. We caught up with Mehreen Tahir,  a software engineer from Pakistan who enjoys cooking and baking in her spare time. Her specialties, analytics and machine learning, reflect her interest in intelligent systems. Like many developers, she [...]

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Get Time on Your Side for Successful Developer Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Basics An advertising campaign is a primary method of delivering messages to your audience as a component of an overall marketing strategy. While advertising can mean many things, digital advertising is generally categorized as either paid or earned. Paid advertising is where you are paying someone for space and time. Earned advertising used to be called publicity — and basically, it’s “free” advertising, such as press releases or media coverage. With paid advertising, you have the advantage of controlling the duration and the frequency of opportunities for your audience to view your ad. Optimizing these two factors is [...]

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How to Select the Best Contest Platform Partner for Your Developer Challenge

So...You Are Planning A Developer Challenge Developers LOVE a challenge. New problems, new ideas, a chance for recognition, rewards, and to build something new and interesting. Giving developers a challenge that helps them learn to use your API, service, or tool is one of the most effective ways to build your brand, create buzz around a product, and foster developer community engagement. Partnership is More Than a Platform Once you’ve decided to run an online contest, the next step (and arguably one of the most important decisions you will make) is choosing the right contest platform vendor to partner [...]

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Check Out the 2019 Developer Media Audience Profile by Evans Data

Meet the Developer Media Audience If you are marketing to developers, you need to understand your audience. We can help you by understanding ours. Get the skinny on who our audience is from the March 2019 Developer Media Audience Profile — gathered for you by Evans Data Corporation, one of the most trusted research organizations in our industry. In the profile, we serve up the latest data about our greatest assets: the developers who make up the developer-to-developer (D2D) communities we reach. To learn who they are, what they do, and how they influence tool purchases, click here to [...]

The 3Es of Running Successful Developer Contests

Planning to run a developer contest? You’ve probably spent a considerable amount of time researching and combing through the myriad of contest platforms and tools that not only tie in with your business and marketing objectives, but also appeal to the developer community. Or perhaps you’re looking to build a contest platform of your own. Well, the good (and bad) news is that you have plenty of options available. So how do you decide what works best for you? As you set out to build a short- or long-term contest strategy, you need to have a good understanding of [...]

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Download the March 2018 Developer Media Audience Profile by Evans Data

What is this and why should I read it? If you are marketing to developers, you need to understand your audience. We can help you by understanding ours. Get the skinny on who our audience is from the March 2018 Developer Media Audience Profile—gathered for you by Evans Data Corporation, one of the most trusted research organizations in our industry. In the profile, we serve up the latest data about our greatest assets—the developers who make up the developer-to-developer (D2D) communities we reach. If you not only want to know who they are but also what tools and technologies [...]

3 Surprising Reasons Developers are Multilingual – and What That Means to You

Our recent Developer Media Tech Trends study shows interest in all major technologies and tools, suggesting that developers' continuing need to master and use many different technologies. Find out why and how this trend affects you as a marketer. One of the biggest trends we've seen over the last few years is developers' reliance on multiple tools and technologies instead of just one "stack" or toolset. The days of developers focusing on only one set of technologies are over. Today's world demands that developers use many different technologies, including many different programing languages, to get the job done. They're having to [...]

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Latest Tech Trends Research Results Reveal the Technologies with the Highest ‘Mindshare Velocity’

Developer Media shares key insights on what trends are on the rise in software development and which maintain dominance January 27, 2014 — Toronto, Canada — Developer Media, tech marketing experts, last week held a webinar to announce its latest Developer Tech Trends survey results and to release the official survey report. The results identified key insights on current and planned technologies, tools, platforms and development projects. In the report released by Developer Media, Jeff Hadfield, CXO, introduces the concept of ‘Mindshare Velocity’ to measure what technologies are starting to capture developers’ attention. In the report, Hadfield provides a [...]

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