Below you will find a list of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  If you don’t see the question or answer you need, please contact us.

Developer Media uses view-on-scroll technology ensuring your ads will not run below the fold unless someone scrolls down to view them. This results in fewer wasted impressions and increases viewability.

Ad Blocking software prevents any ad serving scripts from loading on the page, making Ad Block users completely invisible to the ad server. If your ad is due to run and the viewer has an ad blocker, your ad simply shows to the next viewer that meets your criteria.

Banners do work in the right context, targeting the right audience. Banners on endemic developer sites, such as the Developer Media sites, work because they are shown in the proper context, on sites where developers are coming specifically to look for developer solutions.

The most successful campaigns run static banners, with product features, discussing the problems the advertiser’s solution solves. Free trials, demos, or “learn more” offers work best. Developers want to get their hands on the tools and test drive the solutions themselves. We recommend staying away from marketing hyperbole such as “fastest,” “best,” and “most scalable.” These tactics do not resonate well with developers.

Newsletter open rates can only be tracked in certain email clients and then only if the developer downloads the image, which is not something developers typically do. Developer Media takes great care to ensure that our newsletter and eBlast lists are clean, current and made up of engaged users. If an email recipient does not open or follow any links in a newsletter for many months, we remove them from the list. If the recipient’s email bounces or the recipient otherwise indicates their desire to be removed from a list, we automatically remove them from the list. We partner with email providers like Yahoo and Google to receive notifications of any feedback about the emails we send out.

Endemic developer sites, such as the Developer Media community of sites, offer brand security; you can rest assured your ads will not show on negative news sites, next to inappropriate images or part of brand-damaging scenarios. Additionally, you are branding to and supporting the community that you wish to reach. Running on developer sites lends credibility to your brand, making your company part of the community and therefore part of the conversation.

Programmatic offers no such security or brand safety. You never know where your ads are going to run, what they are showing next to and if they are even shown to developers. While this can be less expensive, the cost to your brand could be significant.

We can track impressions, clicks, click-through rates, and conversion rates as long as we are allowed to cookie your site. We also accept third-party tracking tags.

80% of Developer Media inventory runs on these top 15 sites. The other 20% is from developer bloggers and projects.

While Developer Media is not a creative agency, we can connect you with affordable and experienced graphic artists who can help you with your creative.

Developer Media works with a pool of highly qualified authors, speakers, and trainers who are very proficient in development. We’d be more than happy to introduce you to some of our favorites. Just let us know what skills you are looking for and we will match you up with the right author.

While we can target banners using a variety of criteria–including geo, demo, keyword, vertical, company size, interest-based, re-targeting, and more–we often find it’s not necessary. Developer Media uses Google’s technology, DFP, to auto-optimize. When we load your banners, Google’s algorithms begin tracking and learning from the data (Machine Learning) to actively target your banners to the best-performing pages, within the best-performing sites, using the best-performing banners, at the best time of day. We’ve run test after test and 95% of the time Google’s AI outperforms set targeting.