Go Where the Developers Are

Capturing a developer audience requires first discovering where your ideal developer hangs out online, and then gaining their trust. You can accomplish both by sponsoring a developer podcast.

Developers value commitment and transparency, alongside clean code (of course). You must be true to your brand and speak their language to gain their trust. There is no better way to communicate like a developer — without saying a word — than sponsoring a podcast.

Why Sponsor a Developer Podcast?

After a long day of squinting at code, developers welcome the break in screen time a podcast provides. Developers listen to podcasts mainly because they created the podcast. The first adopters of all technologies are developers. And the popularity of podcasts and blogs continues to stick.

Building trust with the developer audience requires giving them something of value. Developers want to learn, and podcasts are a great way to teach them.  Build their trust first, and you will earn their business.

Beyond buying expensive equipment, starting and maintaining a quality podcast requires a serious commitment. And as a company targeting developers, you will most likely get better ROI by sponsoring a podcast with an existing developer audience.

Choosing the Right Podcasts to Sponsor

Choosing which podcast to sponsor is also critical. If your company creates tools to assist game designers with their work, you probably shouldn’t sponsor a podcast about website building. There’s a podcast for nearly everything, so if you see a niche, fill it.

Think about your target audiences and their personas. What motivates them? Which podcasts exemplify their values and motivations? Are there niche podcasts that your audience listens to? Research, dig around, and find out.

10 Podcasts We Recommend for Developer Audiences

If you’re wondering what podcasts your audience tunes into, the following list offers some podcasts we recommend.

  1. Hanselminutes
  2. How I Built It
  3. .NETRocks
  4. WP Coffee Talk
  5. The React Podcast
  6. Soft Skills Engineering
  7. Shoptalk Show
  8. Front End Happy Hour
  9. Darknet Diaries
  10. Greater Than Code

Each of these podcasts covers a different topic, but all of them have unique developer audiences. Dive in to find the perfect podcast for your sponsorship investment.