Developers look for information much in the same way as any other consumer. They use search engines, peers, and social media. But unlike the average consumer, they also rely heavily on developer-to-developer (D2D) communities, and newsletters from these communities that alert them to technical content and news. Within the context of their D2D environment, they do consume advertising like banner ads. And, the good news is, they don’t necessarily hate advertising…provided it comes in a form they appreciate with information they can use. Thanks to our own anecdotal evidence from our what the developers say series and the good people at Evans Data Corporation, we have stories and data to advise you on the five must-haves for developer-friendly advertising.

Stay Away from Pop-Up Advertising

That’s a hard pass, according to developer Julia Nash. But if a data point of one doesn’t compel you, the Evans Data Corporation Developer Marketing 2019 survey should.

According to the survey, pop-up ads attract less than 10% of developers (among those who responded), while static banner ad and text ads will get the friendly attention of more than 30% of developers.

Try Web Banner Advertising

Perhaps because it is on a website developers trust (like a D2D community they value), perhaps because it’s not intrusive, or perhaps because it signals that you support their community, a web banner ad can attract 35% of the developers who responded to the Evans Developer Marketing 2019 survey to not only pay attention, but click!

Remember Developer Forums and Portals

Yep, according to the Evans Developer Marketing 2019 survey, more than 30% of developers report that they respond to advertising on their developer forums and portals. Why? Showing up on developer portals and forums to advertise developer tools and services is advertising in context, which developer Mark Downie appreciates. It also shows that your brand offers support for a community valued by developers like Michael Washington.

It’s All About That Link

Yes, links in newsletters get clicked! The Evans Developer Marketing 2019 survey reveals that just under 40% of developers are likely to click links in newsletters. Again, this appeals to the trust that developers have in their newsletters. The developers gave permission to be contacted with information, and there is context. They are receiving these newsletters expressly to satisfy their curiosity about what’s new that can help them do their jobs.

Offer Valuable Content Behind the Click

There isn’t much of a difference between types of technical content, but it must be there. That is, your ad should offer something useful to developers. It can be a white paper, conference information, technical blog post, how-to, tutorial, case study, you name it! Just make it something they can use to learn and grow in their profession or solve a technical problem. To see the breakdown, check out the Evans Developer Marketing 2019 survey.

That’s a Wrap

Developer-friendly advertising is useful and non-invasive. Don’t mess up their view with pop-up advertising! Offer your static banner advertising in context (hint: D2D communities, sites, newsletters) that they trust. Support the D2D communities, forums, and portals that are important to them. Remember, developers trust the sources they have opted in to receive and are happy to click on links that offer them information they value.