Developer Media’s latest research on developer personalities helps marketers understand software developers — and better communicate with them

August 9, 2013 — Toronto, Canada — A typical software developers’ personality is significantly different from the average person’s, according to a new survey conducted by Developer Media.  Based on the results, almost 30 per cent of developers fall under one specific personality type. Developers are more likely to exhibit five specific personality types than other people, the study found. The survey had professional software developers visiting take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test to determine their personality type, and was based on a statistically significant sample of over four million unique monthly visitors.

Developer Media conducted the research to help provide tech marketers with some insight on how to connect with software developers. In a related survey on CodeProject, developers revealed they are most likely to describe themselves as “engineers/scientists,” “puzzle solvers,” “craftsmen/craftswomen,” and “artists.” These seemingly conflicting descriptions map to developer personality types — and can help marketers reach this influential and demanding audience.

“Tech marketers face challenges when it comes to connecting with software developers. Developers are pragmatic and skeptical,” said Jeff Hadfield, CXO of Developer Media. “We’re here to help tech marketers understand, communicate and effectively reach this unique audience.”

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