Maximize Your ROI

You’ve acquired authoritative, developer-community resonant technical content. Now what? Is it just going to sit on a landing page or get buried in your blog? Not if you want to maximize exposure and your ROI (return on investment). Focusing on location can help you maximize your technical content campaign results.


There are three critical aspects to location: where you place the content, where you promote the content, and where you point the content (and the reader).

Placement. With something more deep, technical, and evergreen, like a white paper, you might be committed to a landing page. But with a long article or even an excerpt of your whitepaper, you can expand placement. It can be posted on your blog, but even better, it can be syndicated. Where to syndicate? Sites like Medium let you retain copyright, which is advantageous, and lets you reach a larger audience. For example, GrapeCity syndicated a blog post about Angular 8 on Medium with great success. Just make sure that the canonical URL points to the original content.

Promotion.  We’ve learned anecdotally that developers like to see content related to their job in context. Thanks to Evans Data Corporation, there is data to back up the stories. According to their most recent survey, Developer Marketing 2019, 98% of developers subscribe to email newsletters related to their work and they are more than happy to click on links in newsletters they’ve opted into. They also love to read, listen, or watch developer pundits. So scoring an interview about your content on a developer influencer site like Scott Hanselman’s is pure gold.

Point. This has a two-fold meaning. First, where did you point the content? Is it addressing the right audience? Is it in front of the right audience? Chances are if you advertise in context to the right community (hint: a nice D2D community), your content is more likely to get the engagement you desire. That sends us to the second meaning: what does your content point your audience to? Does it pique their curiosity for information, incite them to download an API, instigate some kind of response that furthers your marketing and business goals?

For the Road

Content is a huge investment. Taking care to place, promote, and point your content to increase receptivity, authority, and engagement helps you maximize technical content marketing campaign results. It will increase your campaign’s ROI, and you will be able to point to a top line benefit to your company. Ka-ching.