Meet the DeveloperMedia Audience

If you are marketing to developers, you need to understand your audience. We can help you by understanding ours. Get the skinny on who our audience is from the March 2021 DeveloperMedia Audience Profile — gathered for you by Evans Data Corporation, one of the most trusted research organizations in our industry. This profile created from our user survey serves up the latest data about our greatest assets: the developers who make up the developer-to-developer (D2D) communities we reach. To learn who they are, what they do, and how they influence tool purchases, click here to receive your copy.

Did You Know?

  • The number of female developers in rising quickly
  • The majority are working with Big Data in some way
  • Our audience is highly educated and experienced
  • 79% of our audience is involved in the purchasing decision

Developer Intelligence Inside

Not ready to commit and click yet? Where else will you learn:

  • Which industries our developer audience represents
  • The applications they use
  • Which technologies they use
  • What they need to learn to do their job
  • Their engagement in DevOps, AI/ ML, and more…?

That’s a Wrap

This is the fourth annual user survey that Evans Data has provided to DeveloperMedia, and while we see many similarities to previous surveys,  there are some changes as well. Download the results of the survey.

For a deeper understanding into the developer psyche and what makes developers respond to your advertising check out our Meet The Developers series.

About Evans Data Corporation

Evans Data Corporation (EDC) was created in 1998 to fill the demand for market research, market intelligence, insight, and strategic planning for the Information Technology (IT) and software development communities. EDC’s research focus and global developer panel (representing 80 countries) have placed us in a unique position to truly understand emerging areas of development, technology plans and adoption, platform and device targets, and the impacts of these on product plans and developer relations programs, partners and ecosystems. EDC’s services include syndicated biannual and tactical primary research-based reports and custom research that includes surveys, focus groups, inquiry, competitive/benchmarking analysis, and overall developer relations program consultation.

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