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Predictions of a cyborg-infested world in the near future are probably overblown. While humans have made great strides in using technology to solve medical conditions due to disease or damage, we haven’t quite reached the stage where silicon-based implants are readily available to enhance physical or mental performance in a fully-functioning developer. As of this writing, there aren’t enough silicon chips to keep up with automobile production due to supply chain issues caused by COVID!

While not widely available, cyborg technology is steadily advancing in research labs and is reaching limited commercialization. Technology aside, what will the profession of software development look like?

State of the Developer Nation

In Q1 of this year, SlashData polled 19,000 developers to find out their thoughts on several “top of mind” subjects in SlashData’s State of the Developer Nation Survey. Let’s take a look at some key areas which will shape what the future developer will look like, or what they will be looking at.

  • Language: JavaScript is currently the most popular programming language because of its flexibility in web applications. Python is the most popular language for machine learning, IoT, and AI applications. Java is the most popular for mobile apps, and C/C++ are most popular for embedded and IoT apps, while C# is most popular for AR/VR apps. While these rankings are accurate for the present state, they will shift as languages evolve, and the priority of the applications evolve.
  • Embedded Software: While most embedded code runs on computers, smartphones and personal devices, more and more “smart” devices with embedded software are being introduced on what seems like a daily basis, particularly in consumer and industrial devices for homes, personal products, and in transportation. As these segments continue to grow, developers will be there along with the associated development tools they will need.
  • Emerging Technologies:  A plethora of technologies are in development, according to the SlashData Survey. While there are a number of items in the hopper (Table 1), it’s possible that some of these are being developed professionally, and some are still in the hobby or non-commercial realm. Irrespective of where the interest lies, “engagement” means that these technologies will be developed for commercial applications, and as such, will require developers, languages, and development tools. Are these technologies on your radar as well?

Table 1. Emerging Technologies*

Bar graph showing the size of programming languages communities

*source – SlashData™

The Impact of COVID

Just as in the rest of the world, our profile of the future developer is being shaped by the COVID pandemic. Where developers work, how they interact with others, and how they learn and gather information is all changing due to the virus creating restrictions on travel, meeting and communications. The growth of web-based mass communications such as Zoom can be traced back to the pandemic. The pandemic also calls for different methods of marketing and advertising to the developer audience — but you are not alone. DeveloperMedia is committed to providing the best advice and resources to help guide clients by providing strategies that can work with changes brought on by the COVID pandemic. For further information and guidance, contact DeveloperMedia as the situation continues to unfold.


Looking at languages, embedded software, and emerging technologies, we can see where development is heading and where the growth opportunities lie. This insight is tempered by rapid and dramatic political changes as well as social change through awareness, and increased inclusion and sensitivity. We also face climate change and an ongoing pandemic. Each of these factors will help shape the future of developers, along with the technology they develop, the programs they pursue, and the languages they use. And developer surveys will continue to guide us on the direction that the developer community is taking. It’s our responsibility to watch the trends and ensure that we offer the best in software tool options to developers.


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SlashData – State of the Developer Nation