Where Would We Be Without Plans?

Best-practice marketing is built around planning. You can get by in marketing (and in life) without planning, but the results can be messy. Following are some planning considerations:

  • Strategy. What do you want to accomplish with your marketing resources, and where do you want to expend your energy? This includes business goals, marketing Key Performance Indicators, competitive goals, and market share goals. (Check out the D2D Advertising Guide from DeveloperMedia for help defining your goals and strategy.)
  • Budget. Where do you place your bets to get the best return — the biggest bang for your bucks? Resources are not unlimited, so budget planning is paramount to your credibility and integrity, as well as your success as a marketer.
  • Metrics.   Do things you can measure. This might be a cliché, but doing things you can’t measure is irrational. Imagine spending $10,000 on an advertising campaign and having to report out at your quarterly business review that you didn’t measure the clicks, leads, views, opens, or sales from the campaign!
  • Beyond Business. In a somewhat altruistic vein, how are you helping the developer community move forward? What are you giving back? Actions could include mentoring, sponsorship, thought leadership, or leadership by example. Think outside the revenue-contribution paradigm and plan some actions that enhance the future of software development from a human perspective.

Where Would We Be Without Consistency?

Consistency builds credibility because, when it’s properly maintained, it’s predictable. We know and understand brands based on predictable consistency. Pringles come in a tube. VISA is accepted everywhere. Apple is innovative. These brands were built on providing the same consistent quality no matter the location or language. McDonald’s is ubiquitously consistent in value and flavor. People buy consistency, and in doing so, build the brands that meet their definition of consistency, so logically, shouldn’t your marketing and advertising be consistent?

It’s important to note that consistency does not have to stifle creativity. As long as your content fits into the image people have of your brand, your audience will be receptive. You can even step outside of the brand’s image, as long as your audience understands what you are doing.  Signaling a change in direction can be subtle or overt, but it has to be communicated.

  • Choose the right venue for your advertising. Irrespective of the content or its form, place your advertising where the developers go for information  (e.g., developer communities). This is one area where an expert resource like DeveloperMedia can help to optimize your ad spend.
  • Context is an element of consistency. For the developer community, context matters, so ad placement matters. Make sure when contracting for ad placement that you surround your content with other content relevant to developers to protect your brand.
  • The tone of your messaging matters. Are you talking at your audience, or treating them like the educated and sophisticated audience that we know developers to be? No matter what advertising vehicle you use, from eblasts to display advertising, make sure the tone of the message resonates with your intended audience.
  • Content matters. Promote the benefits of your products. Get your message across. Don’t lie, cheat, annoy, mislead, or deceive. Leave a positive impression with your words and your intentions.
  • Design. People appreciate the fine lines of an Italian automobile, the subtle notes of a complex wine, and the irony of a work by Banksy. Ensure that the design of your advertising captures the spirit of your brand and the imagination of your audience.


Consistency is necessary in order to build a following around your brand. Developers need consistency in order to trust you. Creativity does not have to be sacrificed for consistency. Just make sure that your audience is able to recognize the important traits of your brand, and the integrity and quality implied in your brand. For help with consistency in your marketing and advertising efforts, check out the resources at DeveloperMedia — the experts in advertising to developers.