Cloud Developer Trends (2015 Update)

Just a few short years ago the “The Cloud” was one of the biggest emerging trends (and buzzwords) in the tech sector. The buzz and hoopla has since worn off and given way to new shiny objects like the Internet of Things or the latest mobile development platforms. That doesn’t mean developers have forgotten about cloud computing; it’s just more ubiquitous now. As part of our ongoing pursuit to garner greater insights into how the developers within our own audience are interacting with different technologies and trends, we recently surveyed over 400 CodeProject members on a range of topics [...]

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2014: More Growth in Cloud & Big Data Development

Cloud and Big Data development promise the most growth according to our recent Developer Media Tech Trends study. Here's what you need to know as a marketer about this trend.In our recent Tech Trends survey, we asked developers worldwide what types of development projects they're working on. I'll talk in a separate post about what types of projects (still) dominate. Two types of development showed the most growth, however, and they're similar: Cloud and Big Data. Both show at least 30% growth in use/intent since 2013. Neither are surprising, but there are insights around both that can benefit those who produce [...]

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