Why Email Marketing is More Effective in Reaching Developers in a World Dominated by Social Media — 2022

As marketers, we have to communicate to our audience in the most effective and efficient manner. Our communications ultimately have to create demand for our products or services.  Just as you don’t use exactly the same message every time, you don’t use the same method every time. Humans in general — and developers in particular — like variety. They like to be surprised, engaged, and amused. Of course, as marketers, we have a variety of communications tools at our disposal, including social media outlets, but some are more effective than others. According to data published by HubSpot, a CRM [...]

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Developer Marketing Website Worsts — Don’t Do These Things!

Besieged by IWA — Irritating Website Annoyances Companies love to solicit feedback. Whether it’s used to simply check a box to comply with their Net Promoter Score audit, or it’s actually used to improve the customer experience depends on the company’s culture. Feedback can be brutal, but in reality, it’s one of the few things that lead to change. It’s been said many times, but websites really are the storefront of your company.  They are the most visible manifestation of your purpose in business. Your website should be perfect. But most aren’t. The Devil is in Reveling in the [...]

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Why Lead Generation Doesn’t Work Well With Developers

Let’s Talk About the Developer Experience The developer community is a highly technical audience. Many developers hold advanced degrees and enjoy working with complex numbers. How can you market to developers who tend to be more skeptical than the rest of the general population? The secret to generating leads from developers is that you have to make a compelling offer. That said, if you’re making a pitch to developers, the devil is in the details — and those details are typically deeply technical in nature. Sources of Skepticism Advertising surrounds us, and just when you think there are no more [...]

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Emerging Technology Your Developer Audience Cares About

The writing is on the wall when it comes to emerging technologies, according to a recent State of the Developer Nation survey published by SlashData™; DevOps is now mainstream, and Blockchain applications are not far behind. In this annual survey, the correlation between developer interest and technology is measured by engagement change between survey periods. As interest in a technology increases, more resources are added to commercially develop a technology—including the resources of the developer community. Emerging Leaders Table 1 below presents the SlashData™ survey data in an easy-to-understand matrix. In the upper left are technologies which have high interest [...]

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What the Future Developer Will Look Like

Near Term Predictions of a cyborg-infested world in the near future are probably overblown. While humans have made great strides in using technology to solve medical conditions due to disease or damage, we haven’t quite reached the stage where silicon-based implants are readily available to enhance physical or mental performance in a fully-functioning developer. As of this writing, there aren’t enough silicon chips to keep up with automobile production due to supply chain issues caused by COVID! While not widely available, cyborg technology is steadily advancing in research labs and is reaching limited commercialization. Technology aside, what will the profession [...]

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Advertising DevOps Tools to Developers

Overview DevOps has become a force in business and the development community because it’s designed to break down silos in a business enterprise between developers, functional business groups, and IT. Designed to counteract “throw it over the wall’ handoffs between groups, DevOps is a bridge meant to increase efficiency and create a robust Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) strategy. DevOps has specific segments designed to address lifecycle management, and from this structure, specific tools have been developed to facilitate development efforts. DevOps Methodology and Tools DevOps is designed to be a continuous process, allowing iterative improvements throughout; a key to [...]

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Why Devs Love Their Newsletters

Newsletters remain one of the best means of communicating with your developer audience.  They should be an integral part of your communications campaign, along with email, blogs, and offers. Newsletters are trusted by developers who opt-in, and they opt-in because they enjoy the content you provide. With so much potential, newsletters should be an area where you devote a significant number of resources to ensure quality and relevance. Take Me To Your Reader Newsletters are a significant commitment in that they must be maintained as an ongoing effort. They should be planned in advance using an editorial calendar. Support will [...]

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Measuring Developer Marketing Campaigns – More Than Just Clicks

Listen to Einstein (or Cameron) The phrase “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted” has been attributed to Albert Einstein — though, in fact, it has been traced to William Bruce Cameron, a noted sociologist, as the originator. While there are many situations in which Cameron’s quote quote applies, it lends itself especially well to a marketing discussion. Digital marketing can create endless streams of data which can be analyzed in a variety of ways to determine if marketing or advertising campaigns are effective. And that’s really the holy grail of marketing [...]

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Developer Influence 2021

The capacity to influence is a wonderful thing. It implies that people have trust in your judgement and confidence in your ability to make the right decisions, and that you have knowledge and experience that can be used to guide others’ decision-making. In the developer community, influence can affect decisions around tools, languages, platforms, and procedures. Opportunities for process improvements or greater efficiency must be justified using data and expert recommendations to influence the decision. In this case, developers’ expertise matters. Thought Leaders In the March 2021 DeveloperMedia User Survey, Evans Data Corporation reported that developers feel they wield significant [...]

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To Call, or Not to Call a Developer, That is the Question

What Are the Odds… …that anyone under the age of 60 will answer a call from an unknown caller? With that in mind, before we delve into specifically contacting a developer, let’s face facts: Based on a study done by Hiya in 2020, only 6% of calls from unidentified callers are answered, primarily because of robocalls and scam callers. Analyze your own behavior —  do you answer calls from unknown callers? The same study found that despite widespread fraud and robocalls, people still prefer voice calling over other methods of communication, including texts and email. Most unknown calls go to [...]

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